Hmm.. Lucky!!

Haha... Except for Marketing Project and Mgt CA, all results out n I pass all. Feel so lucky... Especially Microecon. Pass by 4 marks. Bless mi. I mus work hard for next mth exams.. Pull up al my points. More daimoku... Yeah!!! Anyway tis Wed gt rehearsal for Mooncake Festival. Haiz.. Actually I dun feel like participatin bt I promise my trainer le. Anyway is jus one day so nvm lor.. Tis comin Sun performin at Chinatown. Funi hor! Y always find e Unity group lei?? Our dance reali so good ar? After YCF, our Unity group always gt performance. Like NDP,wat Family month festival I tink, n oso nw Mooncake lor!!! Wat is next may I knoe? Fine fine... I wil go ahead for the performance. Hope I wont rcv any sms after tat regardin performance again. OMG!!! Next mth v bz wit exams le.. Mus pass.!!! Tis Sat goin to mit my classmate study Accounts. Haha.. I m goin there early to get a good seat. After tat duno at nite gt wat lobang again. Somethin I nt interested at al. Haiz.. Nvm. Promise le mus go lor. Arrgghh... Went for a run tis mornin b4 work. Canot make it la.. Too damn long nv run le. Haha.. Mus build up e stamina liao. Wed I wil go again. A slow run. Hee...


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