Life in Mono

Recently al my CAs are drivin mi berserk!!! Lucky my Accounts pass. Haha.. Hapi lei.. thanks to my own self revision n daimoku. Nw waitin for my Microecon and Marketin results.. Hope al pass.. I v scare. I dunwan to take re-test. I m goin to fail for sure if I goin to. Haiz.. Bless mi.. Hv been slpin late recently.. my mind is full of frustration... I use a good way to vent out. I took out a book n write down al my frustration. N it works. I can slp after tat. Haha. bt tired lor next mornin.. Comin to work is a terrible thing to do. I'm reali nt happy here. I should hv find another job. Y m I stil stayin here? Cos of $$$ lor.. is nearin yr end. Bonus time. I dunwan to waste my effort workin here n nv get full bonus. Hmm.. wil tolerate. I hv been sayin tis for mani times tat I oso v sian... I m goin to sign up as a housin agent lei... Haha.. try somethin new lor.. Bt as part time la. I gt work n study lei. Tat one for my learnin lor.. Hmm.. gd for mi mah. Under my best fren cum sis lei.. She earn e commission beta than those who I nt close wit. No issue lar tis kind of matter. my motto: Live life to the fullest... Hee..