Vote for your Favourite Finalist!

Well... I must say I am superb thick-skinned enough to participate in this year's Singapore Blog Awards 2015, Best Cooking Blog category. Why? Because there are winners from the past in this category and I still have the courage to participate despite being a newbie in cooking (for probably a year since married). Come... I clap for myself. 

And I got myself a Finalist title. Well done! *roll eyes* I know some will judge because they might already have other favourite cooking blogs in mind. I'm just trying out and wanted to experience that process. How about that?

Now I'm half excited and half worried because I have to do my best for the blog posts, even if I'm not gonna get anything. Effort is more important. I shall put up the best as I can. Will update more again. 

Meanwhile, if you don't mind ya, vote for me! See this face (below)? Yes is me. Log on and vote with your Facebook account and stand a chance to win prizes for lucky voters. 

Hop on to this link here and it will direct you to the sponsor, Panasonic's Facebook page. You can cast your vote for me once a day till 6 July 2015.

Thank you peeps!