Food Tasting | Pho Street, the Vietnamese Street Delight

What comes into your mind when talking about Vietnamese food?

Banh Mi? Pho? Dripped coffee?

Yup that is exactly what comes into my mind, especially Pho. Then 2nd is Banh Mi.

Few years back, tried my virgin taste on Vietnamese food and it leaves me a very bad impression.

Too salty and oily. I wasn't sure if this is how it supposed to be and probably that time, I was quite new to Vietnamese food and had not much idea about their food culture.

But as years goes by, I watched and read from tv shows, articles and even reviews to understand different food cultures. So now at least, I know what to expect or look forward to whenever I visit any restaurants.

I'm blessed with a food tasting invitation to Pho Street, one of the many dining concept of Select Group. Select Group is one of the fastest growing integrated Food and Management services in Singapore and under their Group, they have 20 different companies ranging from catering, restaurants to fastfood. Pho Street is one of them that brings diners an authentic taste of Vietnamese food by having a Vietnamese chef on board to lead the kitchen.

Vietnamese Street Snacks

Commonly seen in Vietnamese restaurants, the thin rice paper wrapped with prawn, pork belly and fresh herbs is definitely any ladies' favourite because it is healthy with vegetables and vermicelli. Probably you want to try their dip sauce for a bite or two. It is sweet, topped with crushed peanuts. If you don't know yet, this is Fresh Summer Rolls in their menu, priced at $4.90.

Have a taste of everything. The Vietnamese Snack Platter (from left, Crispy Fried Pork Rolls, Crabcakes and Roasted Chicken Skewers) comes with two different chilli sauces for dip. Bear in mind. Different sauce is meant for different snacks. On the left is a sweet and spicy chilli sauce meant for Crispy Fried Pork Rolls. And the other one that has this after-taste is meant for the other two snacks. This platter is simple and nice with a portion just nice for two ladies. A pointer for you peeps. I have to agree with my friend that the Crabcakes is meant to have without the sauce. Like I say, the chilli sauce meant for it covers the real goodness of the crabcakes. I'm kind of slow and have to taste 3 times to get what she meant. Try this at $8.90!

NEW! I love it when restaurants use mid-wings for their fried chicken. Just like me. If you have follow me on Instagram, I did air-fried mid wings at home for many a times. And that makes me very particular too because I want not just the outside, but the inside to be cooked properly without blood traces. Luckily this Crispy Fried Chicken Mid-wings with Caramelised Sweet Dip ($4.90) has done a good job. Crispy, of course. The seasoning was good.

NEW! We had lots of different crackers out there. But have you tried Vietnamese rice crackers before? Here at Pho Street, they imported the rice cracker packed with black sesame. It may taste bland at first and a little hard, but when you go with minced meat, the perfection comes. Their minced meat is done with curry as the flavouring base plus some spices. Very nice to go along with a bowl of rice. I would think that this minced meat can be listed in their Rice menu. Have the best of both world. Just suggesting. Sesame Rice Crackers at $6.90! Try it.

Beverages - New!

Pho Street introduced 2 fusion drinks, Lemon Cooler with Peppermint & Basil and Passionfruit & Basil Mojito. They are priced at $3.50 each. I would say the former is more like ice cold soda. Sweet lemonade with light mint taste. But the latter is a little bland and can't get that passionfruit taste. Probably can perfect this drink and both will be A Okay!

The Mains

Was told that their mains had improved recipes so let's get down and try.

Pho Beef Combination ($9.90) is a mixed of beef balls, beef slices, beef shank, beef tendons and beef tripe. Actually I'm more into their noodles and soup. So tasty and light. I can't stop slurping up the noodles. The different beef parts were tender and chewy. But my friend do find that the beef slices are rather hard, either too thick a slice or overcooked. But I think otherwise. They have Pho Chicken Combination. Probably can try next time. Shall bring my husband along.

How can you miss Banh Mi when you visit a Vietnamese restaurant? Here we had Banh Mi Combination ($6.90) where you get to enjoy Pork Belly, Grilled Beef and Chicken Ham in one go. My friend and I were guessing the sauce used in this Banh Mi. The answer is Mayonnaise + Chilli. Hmm... the sauce is really nice and sweet. Can't help thinking of Balsamic dressing. The vegetables like sliced carrots, cucumbers have gone through fermentation. No wonder it brings a little crunchiness. Say YES to pickled vegetables.

Vietnamese Dessert

This is Cream of Mung Bean with Coconut Sauce & Crushed Peanuts served as a drink. Priced at $3.50, it is so creamy and sweet that I thought I'm having a Potong ice cream. If this was to be in a form of popsicle, I think many kids will like it. I can't help drinking it despite the fullness after so many of their snacks + mains. Till next time.

The Secret No More

Behind the sauces that was served together with some dishes, this is the formidable Pickled Soya Bean Sauce imported from Vietnam. This is one sweet sauce that makes me feel like I'm having Zhu Chang Fen or a bowl of dry Yong Tau Foo. Taste great. It can be mixed with chilli and crushed peanuts for a different experience. 


I would say my favourite will be Banh Mi Combination. My friend and I both agree that the baguette remains crispy on the outside and soft on the inside despite being left on the open for awhile. This is especially important as you want neither a hard nor soft and wet baguette. That's quite annoying. And you tend to lose your appetite from that. Unless u are damn hungry.

Maybe I can pick a few more favourite in their menu like Fresh Summer Rolls with Prawn, Pork Belly & Fresh HerbsSesame Rice Crackers with Fragrant Minced Meat and Spices Dip - New! and Cream of Mung Bean with Coconut Sauce & Crushed Peanuts.

So do you like my recommendations? Or probably you can pop by at any of their 2 outlets to try now! Prices are affordable, especially when you can get a main with less than $10. 

Pho Street @ Westgate                  Pho Street @ Bedok Mall
3 Gateway Drive                             311 New Upper Changi Road
#B2-K6/K7                                      #B1-40
Singapore 608532                            Singapore 467360
Nearest MRT: Jurong East               Nearest MRT: Bedok
Mon - Sun 11.30am - 10pm             Mon - Thurs 11am - 10pm
                                                      Fri - Sun 11am - 10.30pm

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