Food Review | A1 Abalone Noodle

I keep hearing from the husband about this raving A1 Abalone Noodle and how his contractor's whole family go crazy over it because it tastes good and sometimes when lady luck is with you, prepare to find 2 abalones inside the pack. Well... happen to pop in Giant Hypermarket and saw that it is on promotion ($3.05, UP: $3.95) so I bought 2 packs to try. Excuse me. Don't wishful thinking that is those 5 in one pack. NO! It is a single packet that cost this expensive. Great. This shall be my dinner for tonight.

So the packet contains these 3 items mainly, Emperor Herb Chicken Spices Powder, noodles and abalone along with its sauce. The spice powder tastes like Bak Kut Teh (probably the herbal taste) at first but thereafter, Myojo Chicken Tanmen seasoning taste came along. Oh... the combination is easily determined. However, it didn't give me that 'Wow' factor. Also, the abalone is tiny little one. *roll eyes* There is some sauce along with the abalone so I just pour all in without wasting. 

Rather than a plain bowl of noodles, I add in 2 slices of Tau Pok, cut into 4 pieces each slice and throw in to cook. I have some balance in the fridge so why not?

If asked whether worth the buy, I would say no need to go craze over it. It is just another packet of expensive instant noodles with a tiny abalone. I understand there are probably more expensive ones out there. So probably if you really want to try, go ahead. Experience it yourself to determine worth or not. Different taste buds tell different stories. Sometimes, human like myself need to 'throw away' some money before you know its worthiness. Maybe a balance of those liking it or not.

I don't hate nor like.