My Weekend

Hi there everyone... I'm back! Too busy with my new house cum my birthday. Yup... many readers here may not know but is okay! My birthday is on 27 April and I'm a Taurus. A very stubborn woman. So how did I spend my birthday weekend? Well... basically is very simple and nothing. Because too tied up. 

Took leave on Friday for my furniture arrival. So satisfied with my new home now. Show you peeps a few peektures.

Living area
If only that stupid aircon is not there. The whole piece of wall is simple and nice enough with Audrey Hepburn's canvas painting. Oh well... And that rainbow cushion cover and cushion itself bought at IKEA. Yes... There are many stuff in the house are bought from IKEA. Although we know the fact that their product qualities are not really that great. You can't deny this fact if you do buy stuff from IKEA. I guess small thingy from them are good. But do consider carefully when you buy big stuff. Haiz... quite disappointed with my bedside table and chest of drawers. 

My entire living area in the night
My hub likes simplicity and doesn't like too much stuff. Yup I do too. But I can't help it but to fill it with stuff. Like real soon. Heheheheh....

Dining area
Looks superb cramp right? But still doable with this extendable dining table. Looks complete right now. Already used it to have our lunch and dinner. Wahahahah... Haven officially move in and stuff in the house has been used. Except the Queen size bed in MBR which has to go through Chinese customary and stuff like that to be able to sleep on. You think we no place to camp there meh? Our sofa is big enough man. 

Entire area of dining and main entrance door
I thank God that the space is still good enough. I superb don't like cramp areas. One more divider to come this coming week and that's it. 

Master bedroom
I superb like the curtains. I bought it like $40+ at Metro wagon sales. Now I want to grab for another 2 rooms. TOO LATE! NO MORE! FML! Okay next time I see it again, I won't let it go! Straight buy all! Damn it!

Another side view of my Master bedroom
Looks cramp again right? Yup I do agree but still got place to walk. Of course lah right? What am I talking about? 

Oh man... till now I still have not setup my personal room. Damn it! My stuff have shifted over and I have not unpacked it. FML! Okay never mind. I know I can do it very soon.

Then after furnitures all arrived and finished vacuuming and mopping, head down to Chinatown for purchasing of wedding stuff. Just a few things only. Den head for dinner at Sentosa.

Been there on few occasions. Mostly my birthday. Now this round, for the same reason. Crabs are expensive so once a while still not so bad. But compare the price, it's much expensive than before. Why you so expensive Mr/Miss Crab?

We ordered Chilli Crab + mantou, toufu with lots of mushroom and mee goreng (not in the peekture). You may find it funny why we order mee goreng because the previous round we saw most of the tables ordering that and we thought it is so nice. So decided to try. Very tasty and spiciness is just right. The only thing is that it is quite damp. I don't know but some may prefer it a little more dry or probably this kind of dampness level. For me, I'm still okay but do prefer to be a little more dry.

And I seldom have crabs. So call me a weirdo or mountain tortoise. I admit it! My hub is the one who taught me how to savour this Chilli crab. Seriously. If not, I'm just a dumbass for crabs. Disappointed or not? As a self-claimed food blogger, how can I be like this? This is freaking bad! Real bad. I apologize for that. Please give me one more chance to prove that I CAN BE A FOOD BLOGGER! Hahahahaha.... Chilli crab is AWESOME! Will you peeps scold me if I were to tell you that I enjoy dipping the man tou to the chilli crab sauce which is yummier than having that troublesome crabs? The sauce is simply finger licking GOOD! I'm HORRIBLE! Stop me please!!!

So this is how I spend my day. An advance birthday dinner with my hub. And not forgetting to buy stuff for our new home on that night too. Yup... Purchases from Daiso and Giant. Unbelievable right? Travel back to our new home with all these purchases before calling off for the day. Superb enjoy this process. Chilling over the weekend at our new home since furnitures are in. My hub still considering whether to buy a bigger television. Well... Not very necessary at the moment so long as I don't find it awkward. 32inch TV looks really small on our tv console. All thanks to him. Buying in a rush and end up not satisfied. WTF!

Over the weekend, we travel to our new house to hang up stuff, cleaning and packing. Oh ya... I gotten my wedding photos. Well done! But my soft copies are RAW and unedited. FML! Let me go choose and show you peeps here in my blog. Soon. Real soon. Gonna be real busy. I mean real freaking busy because of shifting house and all the upcoming Chinese customary for the wedding. CRAP! Get over it soon please! I really dislike it! Couples are enjoying the process but me and my hub aren't and instead we are stressed out! Seriously... I'm gonna really do a detailed blog post on how I manage my new house and wedding preparation in 5 months! Damn it! 

Thank you for your patience for such nonsensical post. Thank you. Stay tune for more food reviews. Coming up!