[Featured] Home Door Peephole Recorder

Door bell rings.... Or knocking on the door. Our usual reaction is peeping through the peephole. Peephole is the best thing on earth as if you see unfamiliar people (eg. door-to-door salesmen), you simply ignore instantly. But what if this situation happens?

Peephole maybe the best thing on earth but when such attempts to break-in your house or probably others, we will be totally helpless as we have no evidence to provide the police to nab the offender. The above video shows the guy in pink shirt trying to break-in and the neighbour (in checkers) happens to come back and the former pretends that he is checking on the risers.

So now, we have this device that works just like our car camera recorder for road safety but then, it is a Peephole Recorder for your home safety. Found this awesome device in a forum and find that it may do good to my new house.

This device works as a "third eye" for :
1) loss of slippers / flower pots / newspaper
2) better visability for elderly and infants instead of peeping at the small hole
3) tracking of your home helper / tuitor movement (the time they come and go)
4) sabotage / knocking of door but no one / money lenders knocking at wrong unit

This is what happens for item no. 4:

You will have a hard time tracing for the culprit or whoever it can be when you have just the standard peephole on your door.

Let me show you the device that has been installed on my new house door over the weekend. Now I really feel safer because my new block is still not fully occupied and on other floors, renovations are still going on. You can never know what's gonna happen during this period of time.

Peephole Recorder
View outside my house

It is easy to use and you can choose an event playback to see what is going on when you are not around. There is internal built-in memory on the device and also a SD card slot for you to increase the memory for recording. SD card not included. Come on... SD cards are affordable nowadays so don't be stingy to just rely on the internal memory.

A charger is provided for this device. Yes... it needed charging to continue serving your house and you. Because this device has simple installation which doesn't required any wiring. You can keep your existing peephole for good.

You can even choose between Live or Remote mode. For me, I love Remote. Once it triggers (if the sensor senses some motion near to peephole, the recording starts. Try waving your hand in front of the peephole (the side facing our corridor) to test it.

The cost of this device + installation (takes about 5-15 mins) is $268

If you are interested, please contact Mr Quek at 8488 8866. He is the awesome guy who brought in such better device than those you can find in the market that is cheaper but functions doesn't work any better than this featured one. 

Call him now for more enquiries! He is his own boss and travels around to do installation. Hardworking guy! Only in Singapore, at the moment!

*Additional info*

The boss himself was interviewed by the papers too. So I guess this device will soon be in most household. 

I find that it is pretty cool to have this device because everyone wants evidence. Even police will want evidence in order to solve the case. So photos & recordings are the best evidence ever. That is why now in social media platforms, lots of people posted videos or photos to expose certain thingy. Sometimes, violence and it does help in bring the culprit of any offence/violence to justice. Some may say it is evading one's privacy and unethical. However, when you are in the same situation as others, will you say the same thing? For me, I won't.