Travelogue | Finale - Ryukyu (Okinawa)

Don't need me to repeat right? This is the 5th and last installment for this trip. Read if you haven't (but I have repeated).
Highlights - Ryukyu (Okinawa)

Come! In order not to disappoint my small bits of readers, let me spam you with food photos! Had enough of my travel peektures right? Okie dokie. Food now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But note, not in sequence alright?

The following is probably my Day 2's dinner. No doubt. That main course is pork. And then you can see tempura, Okinawa rice, seaweed side, crunchy bitter gourd (surprisingly I have them cos no bitter taste actually) and so on.

This sashimi is complimentary to all because to compensate for that BBQ dinner on Day 1. I don't see the BBQ dinner as any bad. I'm enjoying it and so is my guys... So I earn a double! Woohoo... Shiok max. Sashimi so fresh. But then I have to say, that the pork is so hard to tear apart by chewing. Too much of the 筋 and I just feel like spitting out and GIVE UP! So tired even to chew. Haiz....

In Okinawa, drink Orion! Complimentary too. I opt for fresh orange juice. Don't really wanna drink. My guy is scared of me drinking because I don't have 酒品. Too bad. But sometimes if he need to drive, I will take over the drinking. Only if I'm with him. But here don't need to drive right? So let him drink till heart content. WTF!

Everyone is enjoying the food yo... So pamper. Flying plates and plastics, BBQ dinner, cold rice dumpling. Cannot take it? Funny. But then I can't say much. Cos I really realize that in our tour group, esp those same bus as us, they are filthy rich people. No bluff. Don't ask how I spotted it. Just believe me. Aiya... my hub and I and our friend are quite low expectation one. Yes... Although we paid for it but then, we are out to enjoy. So take every opportunity to enjoy and not fuss over trivial stuff.

Okay! Now let me show you my loots. Last time I used to snap my loots when I travel but then now, I so lazy because I don't buy much too.

So you see is all about food. Oh... a must buy thingy in Okinawa is their black sugar (translate directly from Chinese character). Good for health. But then don't buy the black sugar wrapped sweet. I bought a pack home and my mum said is too sweet till she is scare of having it too. And also their Nissin cup noodles. They have mini, norm and large size. So shiok lor that large Curry flavour. I bought it back later on for my brother who is so into instant noodles. I check out Isetan supermart but they sell the norm size only. Wonder if Meidi-ya is selling. Conclusion, is a food loots for me.

And then, I can't remember which day but we had Shabu Shabu for lunch. Aiya... my parents don't know how to do up a nice soup base. No wonder come back from Okinawa, telling me that Shabu Shabu is so plain. Wah kaoz... Let me show you what we did.

The sauce for dipping our meat and all. 

Pork and more pork. So is that Okinawa soba/noodles. Cooked and uncooked. Sorry but I just can't live without noodles. 

The soup base in the brewing... Haha... All I can say is that we put lots of kimchi to it. Lots of veggie into it. Superb shiok. Imagine noodles cooking inside is absorbing all the goodness of this soup base. Marvellous!

As it starts to get dry, the soup gets thicker in taste. Awesome! Dip the pork meat in to the soup to get cooked and dip again to the sauce. This is heaven! We are really enjoying here. Get servings and servings of pork. Why so nice? Oh by the way, is in a buffet style so you can get as many as you want so long you stuff yourself up with the food. No food wastage please.

On one dinner, we had teppanyaki at Sam's Restaurant at Kokusai Street. So sailor themed restaurant. The servers all dressed up like a sailor. But I personally don't like teppanyaki because of the small portion. However on the other hand, you don't need to stuff your stomach till burst. Contradicting, doesn't it? We started on a salad. I just have to mention this that their veggies are really fresh. Prawns too. Scallop, woohoo I love it. No bluff. But that all depends on individuals. Some thinks that it is exaggerated when it comes to food. Not nice also say until very nice. WTF! For me, if it is nice, is nice. Not nice, I just say it out. 

This one is ice cream puff. Nice and freezing. But then only can have one. I want more!!!! I shall learn how to make! 

And this I remember. Day 4's dinner at Nanjo-shi 南城市. All the 4 groups from CTC gathered. And we had their local food specially cooked for us. So much that I saw lots of leftovers. Oh man... why Japanese are so generous. They just have that great hospitality.

Hee... noodles... I can forgo anything on earth except noodles. And water. Any types of noodles can get me going for more! 

Enough of food? Can I carry on with some travel pics? Haha... Or boring already? Let me do the last bit of my travel pics okay? And that's it already. Now... I leave you with some streets photos of Okinawa. Like a photo story neh... Wahahahah...

I'm sorry because I don't have a wide-angle lens to take a better shot. In fact, when I first been to this place, I thought I'm at Shibuya. This looks so much like the famous Shibuya crossing. I'm serious. Oh man... I miss Tokyo.

And we went to this Ryukyu Glass Village where you get to see how those glass ornaments are made. Blow glass yo... 

Hahah... But you know what we 3 humans focus on? 

Yes! Snapping away with this.. Have so much fun. Like an amulet to happiness. Hahaha... 

And then....

Blue Seal again! Superb cold. Decided to give it a miss. WTF! Blue Seal is always appearing before me in Okinawa. Definitely miss when I'm back now lah...

My mandatory bottle shots. Nice bo? If you tell me, I love all bottle shots I take. Whether the bottle itself is nice or not. It's unique and not available in Singapore will do!

Lastly, the Makishi Public Market 牧志公設市場 and its surrounding shopping areas. You enter from Kokusai Street and be fascinated by its lively-hood of the market. 

It consists of 2 levels. 1st level is the market and 2nd level, the restaurant. You can pick those fresh seafood or poultry from the stalls at level 1, get them to cook and yourself just waiting at Level 2 to b served.

That's about it. Kind of long-winded yo. Some I didn't put up here but then, it doesn't matter. Go on a trip to Okinawa and experience yourself. It is indeed a wonderful place. I certainly have no doubt with places in Japan. Clean and neat places. Courteous people. Queue in orderly manner. Looking forward to my next trip to Japan.

Thank you Commonwealth Travel for this fantastic tour!