My New Home - Part Two

Oh hi there everyone! Back for a Part Two now. If you didn't get to read Part One, do so now with the link here.

It has been a month since we collected our keys. Both me and my hubby's efficiency level is quite commendable. Wahahah... Right now, I can say that my renovation is completed. Time for washing. But first, we plan to install all the decorations or whatever stuff that needs drilling to be done first before washing. So this weekend, that's our plan. For now, I leave you with some photos taken of my new home. Soon, I'm gonna bring my parents here to look at it. They have been asking already. Why so eager than me this owner? Funny.

Living Room

Yup... Last week the installation of my lightings and ceiling fans completed. One thing that I don't like is that I should have swap the ceiling fan with my dining area lighting. Why on earth do I need aircon and ceiling fan nearby each other? My hubby asked me don't whine over this when it has already been done. Fine! Hot die you while having your meal at the dining area. Serve you right!

Master Bedroom

My wardrobe is completed earlier on but then I find that I need more such space for my clothes than hanging. So finally this is done up. And is removable. So I can do whatever I want with it. I chope this space liao. My hub another side. Too bad! Wahahaha....


My kitchen PD door just completed yesterday. I like. This colour is chosen by my hub. Very match our theme.

My kitchen top with wash basin. Nice! I like my quartz top. Gonna put my oven here. Love my kitchen.

The other side of my kitchen is my hob. Or my cooking area. Woohoo.... How can I don't like my kitchen?

And most importantly, I achieved a milestone. WTF right? Actually is nothing lah. I just refurbish a foldable table from its original to white. My mum helped me too. Mother-Daughter combo! 

I painted 2 coats. I didn't want it to be complete white. I want a little rustic feel. And this table sure gonna be dirty easily. Because is for my hub's puffing area at the service yard. And I don't really want to buy since my house has extra one which my folks doesn't know what to use it for. Money saved! 

Guess that's about it. The last installment will be us moving in. Probably in May. So stay tune!