I HEART my Friends...

What's up? I just can't wait to blog about this wonderful day. Not just my friends gave me an advance birthday celebration (although the surprise already known when I saw one of them arriving with a cake), also I have unintentionally dig out our old memories during our younger days. Our days hanging out together clubbing, drinking, cafe chill out and all. So fun and those were the days. 

We knew each other since ITE and till now is about 13-14 years and counting. Although after I got together with my then-boyfriend which is my hubby now, I seldom hang out with them (like once in a blue moon) and got nagged by them many a times. I still remember these bunch of friends who we have been through ups and downs. There is no friendship that has no misunderstanding. Ours do but we iron out all the odds and here we are still hanging out with each other. I cherish this friendship. 

Yesterday was Good Friday. After I'm done with my new house thingy, I went meet them up at a new hangout place at Nee Soon South Community Centre. My friends found it. Quite cool. Nowadays, you can find such chill out cafe at community centres. Kind of like a trend. I wonder if the rent is affordable for people like us who wanna start our own business. I've been to one at AMK (Ang Mo Kio) which previously used to be at Punggol Park. Was at that cafe where I got to know about luncheon fries. WTF! Basically is luncheon meat cut into strips like fries. Lame!

The seating capacity is quite limited at Buddy Hoagies but then they have alfresco dining area too. Do come early. If not, u just have to wait up or head for other places. Oh man... I hope after I post this, the place won't be too crowded. If not I will have one less hangout place. And is so near my new place. Awesome!

Was chatting w my friend who arrived after me while waiting for the rest. We had Rootbeer Float. Who doesn't like ROOTBEER FLOAT? Say! U must be stupid. Though is sweet but who doesn't need a sugar fix some times? Cheers!

Alright! I know is kind of crap but I had Fried Chicken. Eh... I think is golden fried chicken or whatever. The portion is kind of small but then good enough cos we ordered quite a bit to share. This piece of precious fried chicken is definitely crispy + juicy. Of course the chicken meat itself is soft and chewy. I like. Why? Because sometimes I encounter what I name it Texture Imbalance. A whole piece of meat with different texture at different part. Just that one piece please... This is good! I finish all veggie except that baked potato. Eh... usually I don't like having potato in this form. Depends greatly on my mood though. Weirdo! I know.

I'm so ashamed to say but this is the 2nd time I had rosti. And this is definitely good. Crispy. I supposed rosti is crispy on the bottom, soft on top. Nice! The sausage is good too. Please don't ask me dip mayo sauce or whatever sauce. U know what I dip in? Chilli sauce. Wahahahahhaha... Nice nice! My way of eating.

This Seafood platter have fish, tempura and chips. Everything was good. Fresh ingredients. Crispy & tasty! I love the chips of course. I love rating of fries from fastfood restaurants. What I like most will be from Long John Silver. How about you?

My godson had this. Chicken Sausage pasta. Don't know what exactly the taste is but as a greedy aka glutton, I asked for his permission to have some sausages. Wahahahahahhahahah........... Yes... I go about seeing if they have leftovers esp the carrot and broccoli. What is wrong with me? Ultimate glutton. WTF! 

My friends had Black Pepper Steak. They said was good. Okay I will come back again to try! 

This notty boy is notty. Running around, can't sit still, screaming too. Never mind. Forgiven. Who ask you to be so cute my dear godson!

My best friend who is a mother of two cute boys and also gonna be my bridesmaid this 18 May. Her sister is also going to be my bridesmaid. This is a Sisters Duo. Hahahaha.... 

I bought another set of Bridesmaid gift for her sister. All from Chomel. Does anyone gift your bridesmaids? I do. Once in a lifetime. I just do it. I want them to be happy and not just happy for me only.

Let me show you my best friend's ROM photos which I have snapped with my phone. Contains me too because I'm one of their witnesses. Awesome. Love you Christine. All these photos are so nostalgia and you have kept very well every photos. They are our friendship memories too.

So this is the couple 12-13 years back when they just got ROM and all looking good back then. We were young that time. 21+ years old only. What's more can you ask for right? Happily married with 2 sons is truly their blessings. 

Oh yes this is me and my friend as witnesses to our friends. Looking damn stern. 

And they live happily ever after. Why my friend (beside me) look damn stern? Should be a happy occasion right? And after some photoshoot at Fort Canning, we went for lunch.

This is another photo back in 2002 at my best friend's 21st birthday celebration. I superb miss my straight hair. Now is like shit. We looking young huh? Yes we are. Oh... I'm hunchbacking... Even till now I am still. Heheheh... Lazy bone.

Now back to how I spend my Good Friday with my dear friends. 

After dinner, we head back to my friend's house because I keep telling them I wanna dig their ROM photos out and since we got no better place to go (for cake cutting). This notty god son of mine playing with my hair. And I also let him play till he gets sick of it and wanna get away from me. But after that keep running around, screaming as usual. That's a forte of babies.

So they celebrated my birthday in advance. Got me a matcha cake from Breaktalk. Hahahah... Have not been celebrating my birthday with them for very long since I was with my then boyfriend aka husband. 6 years ago. Wow... Thankfully they never dump me away. I remember them and they do too. 

The photographer aka my friend's sister a bit impatient with mi making my wishes because you know what? They switch off the ceiling fan in order for the candle to light up for a little longer and I took like zillion years to make wishes and they are hot to death! Wahahahahah.... So sorry my dear friends... I'm kind of hot too. 

Nice cake indeed although is not my favourite. I don't have any favourite type of cakes or preference in flavours. This one is good. The blend of both matcha and red bean taste makes a perfect match. Balance out both taste. Not too sweet nor bitter.

My two god-sons. The grown-up one is already 9 years old this year, in Primary 3. Time flies. See him from baby till now. And the one on my lap too.... Eh... guilty me. Was playing with the older one at their house too roughly and he got beaten by his mum for throwing the ball at me. Actually we were just playing. Oh man... sorry boy. Told the mum too but then to her, respect is important. Just playing... Really just playing... I very rough one. Don't beat him again. :(

Now both of us tone down quite a bit. My friend is so motherly now. Always cannot go out without his sons. Seldom go out with friends. Mostly with her cousins. So which means more of her family. Or the last time she brought both sons to our ITE gathering at Marina Square. Very hardworking. Lucky we go together and I can help her see the big one. I can't imagine next time I have kids. Wahahahaha... Also bring them out or dump them with the dad and go out with friends. Very bad for a start.

Our younger days are quite dramatic esp me. Always the same problem. BGR. And then the rest of them have to come finding me upside down the whole Singapore. No lah. I told them where I am and they came and find me. Very dramatic lah. Not just me lah. My friend also. Hehehehe... die die must drag her in. And she said that time she doesn't need to buy panadol because everytime just confiscate from me. That time lah hor...

How we know each other? Me and my best friend are from the same class in ITE. She knew the guy in blue during bowling practice and so I got to know him too. And then the guy in black which is now my friend's husband is the friend of the guy in blue and my friend fell in love with her now husband at first sight. So I got to know him too. To conclude, I know the guys through my best friend. Wahahahhaha... Not much changes in us right? Just probably a change in status like married or married with kids. Wahahaha.. The one in blue is still single. In his thirties and own a car. A stable career at the moment. So wanna know him, just let me know.

End of my Good Friday. Really a good one with some accomplishment at new house plus meeting up my friends. Next time more chances to meet up when I moved in. Hurray... I kind of like have quite a bit of friends living in the North. Hmm... I got neighbours lor like that. How wonderful! Kthxbye!