Singapore Hailstorm?

Well... I'm surprised that it happens in Singapore (it did happen before in Year 2009 September here too) and I'm glad it came although much disruption on the road has been caused. You know how glad we are since the hazy week here and it hasn't been raining for almost a week plus. I'm serious okay? With this hailstorm that came, it helps a little in minimizing the haze and also bringing the temperature down too. I damn feel cooler that night after the hailstorm. Okay lah. Although we don't need to mask up already (PSI at moderate range) but the freaking weather is damn hot. Grasses are drying up and the leaves from trees are dropping down too and it turns brown. U know what I mean huh?

The story is on 24 June 2013, it seems like it is the hottest day in the week. At home, whatever stuff I touch is confirmed warm. Terrible right? U sit on the chair, is warm. Your floor is warm. Your bed is warm. Even your toilet bowl cover is warm. OMG!!!! This is farking terrible. I toss and turn that night despite having my fan on throughout. 

On 25 June 2013 in the afternoon, I heard 'pitter patter' sound on the window when I was in office. I was like 'Wow is raining finally!' and never bother to take a look outside. So long as it rains, who cares? Is a joy when it rains. Then after that, I saw feeds in my FB timeline about the rain. It is a hailstorm. Ya I did heard thunder. And ice cubes are dropping from the sky!!!! OMG!!!! But why not money drop from the sky? Hahaha... Just joking. Most of this ice cubes rain happens in the West of Singapore. Yes I work and live in the West. Freaking hell. Why didn't I see it myself? Arrghhh... 

So when I reach the station from work, the first thing that welcome me is the terrific sight.

The trees fallen to the ground and block the pathway into Chinese Garden. Well done man! We actually have not just hailstorm but typhoon!!! But after that day, the fallen branches were shifted to the side although not clear off yet.

Next, I walked home and will pass by the loading/unloading bay at the market. Another good one.

I seriously can imagine how strong the wind is. But I'm also wondering if the trees are old too. No words to describe.

Like this can? Terrible right? Along the road and pathways I walk towards my block, so dirty and messy with all the fallen leaves and tree branches. Big or small trees fallen. 

Wow... Singapore seems like experiencing a mini typhoon. Back home, my mum told me that the rain lasts for about 30 minutes. So strong that even closed windows are opened by the strong wind and causing the rooms to be wet or flooded. She also scared that the windows will be blown off because she never experienced such strong and powerful wind and rain.

Believe it or not, you can go google 'Singapore hailstorm' and you might find news report on that.

So now, I superb appreciate raining although it disrupts my running routine. But without the rain, the haze won't go away and the temperature is not gonna go down. You don't want to be suffocated by haze right? So thankfully for this 'hailstorm', it brings everything back to normal, I guess. I can sleep better and cooler. But normal rain will do. Not hailrain/storm!!! Scare die me okay?

Must save our world. Save our earth. I'm superb into going green so I am quite particular sometimes. I can switch off the main socket in the room before I head out for work. And if I buy something back home from downstairs (be it petrol station or market), I will hold or put the stuff in my bag without asking for plastic bags. 

I see some people quite silly like buy sweets also need plastic bags, be it small or big lah. Very silly. And I feel disgusted. My guy is not supportive on that and I feel disgusted too. Dun care whether he is my guy or not. He is the most nonsensical person when it comes to going green. Pointless talking to people like him. 

During lunch, if possible I will eat in the canteen and not takeaway. If I really have to take away, I have a lunchbox in my office that I bring to work. Will have my food pack in the box instead of wasting those paper made boxes provided by the stall owners.

What's more can you do to save the earth? Go think about it. If you don't want to experience all these effects caused by global warming, please do your part. 

Eh... maybe have a recycling bag in your bag so that you can put your purchases in it. But in Singapore, we are too pampered. In Taiwan, their convenience stores will not give you any plastic bags even if they see that you bought alot unless you ask for it and paid TWD10 for it. You see lah. Good practice. So whenever I go Taiwan, I will remember to bring recycle bags. I am superb supportive of that. Anyway I collected so many recycle bags. Why not just use it right? So that's all for this silly post. Bye! Remember to sing that song, 'Save my world'!!!