2 Months Break

And yes... counting by days, I have 20 days to the start of my final semester. Which means I have only 20 days to dilly dally around, taking my own sweet time to do whatever I fancy. I have been on term break since my last paper on 24 April 2013. Superb shiok. 2 months to do whatever I want without thinking of going for class. Except the anticipation of my exam grades. But my mum told me not to anyhow think so I just hope for the best while enjoying that 2 months break.

Finally I get to celebrate my 32nd birthday this year. Because my birthday tends to fall on examination period. Hate it. This time round, I can celebrate without fearing about my revision because is over before my hatch day!!! I am also superb happy that I finally bought my Canon DSLR as a birthday present for myself. Eh... Okay actually is I want that and my guy said he will pay for that. Got lots of freebies upon buying. Feel so good. 

So that's my birthday. You can read from my previous posts:

Why two posts? Because one is with my family and the other is with my guy and his family. Heartwarming or not? Yes I do think so.

Okay let's carry on. I have also join +OpenRice Singapore as one of their Openricers that submit reviews on food from different restaurants, cafes and etc. At this moment I have submitted 76 reviews, big or small food outlets also have. Participating in their Gourmet Challenge that is ending 31 July 2013. Check out this link for more details. You get rewarded for every 15, 35, 70 & 100 reviews that are successfully submitted and approved by them. At the moment, I have collected 1 reward which is a $20 Kopitiam Card. I don't know what you all will think about me but this card is more worthy than others because I redeem that for my guy. He is always on the go and lunch is always irregular so maybe this help a little, just in case he happen to be at any Kopitiam outlet. And is money saving! 

Collecting my 2nd reward this coming Friday which is a $50 NTUC vouchers. Again, that is for purchasing of my house grocery. Useful to the max. Call me an auntie!!! It doesn't make you any better. So now, continue to submit reviews whenever I can. Have submitted my redemption for the 3rd reward and waiting for their confirmation. Work towards the last and I can slow my pace down. Hey by eating and eating, I have to exercise more! Hahahaha... So you peeps should know by now that what I do these 2 months is food reviews and updating of my blog. Now I know how tiring it is to do food review. You have to take photos, taste the food and use appropriate words to describe/recommend. OMG! It can take me up to an hour to finish a blog post on food. Sighz.

Anyway, want to know more about Openrice Singapore, check out their website.

Any Instagrammers out there? Are you into +Instagram? Yes I do! Superb love using Instagram, although sometimes it has hiccups. However, that's one of the way to connect to the world. But not all my friends are in Instagram. It seems like they still prefer Facebook. Anyway already told them to download Instagram. So is up to them. If you read my previous post about my feature at a mini exhibition, you know how grateful and fortunate that I have chosen Instagram as another social media platform to connect myself to the world. This is my little achievement so read that post at your free time here.

Yup!!! My first run in 2013 should be Nike She Runs 2013 at Garden By the Bay East. If you are my overseas readers and have no idea where and what is this Garden By the Bay, check out this link. After that if you have intention to visit Singapore, do visit that place. I heard a lot of people describing that place at night as Avatars. Go +Google Search Engine, type 'Garden By The Bay Image' to see it yourself.

So completed that 5km run with bad timing. I'm not gonna fail again this time in Shape Run 2013. I have improved my Personal Best for the past 2 years so how can I let myself down???? This week is the collection of race kit and 2 more weeks will be the run. I just can't wait! My ex-classmates from +Singapore Polytechnic are joining the 10km category and have already told one of them that we shall meet up on that day at the carnival after the race. Can't wait. Another friend of mine is joining the race with her niece. I keep grumbling to her why she can join with her niece and I have to beg her to join but she is half-hearted. Not fair! That's why I give up asking her. Lots of excuses. Shall see her there after the race. 

As I write, I realised that I am actually summarising my previous posts. So boring. K let me talk about my guy.

My guy has finally completed his 2nd Diploma course and passed all the modules. Congrats my dear! But awaiting for the collection of certificate. Shall get him to laminate it and file it. I can't imagine he can don't care about all these documents that is related to him like birth certificate which I actually have to buy back another copy for him through ICA website because he lost it or don't know put where already. Ya lah of cos all the details are original and real. And he also actually lost his NTC Certificate of Merit!!! Hey this is something proud to keep. I don't even get a COM during my ITE days. But I got my full certificate of course! Not module certificates okay? Module certificates bring you no where. It is not even a formal full certificate. Nothing to be proud of. Because it means you never complete the course.

Recently through his work, he got to know contractors that are active in cycling and running. Well done! I seriously rather he mix with all these people than wasting his life with drinking buddies. So now once a week, he is running with them. I think he kind of enjoy it. So I shall not interfere and just play my part in encouraging him and also run with him on Sundays. You know what? He told me after the run with them, they never drink at all during dinner time. Superb like! But then, still smoke! WHATEVER!!!!

Just last week, I signed up a complimentary introduction class for him at +Evolve Mixed Martial Arts because I want him to stay healthy and fit. This is something he likes so why not just let him go and do what he like? I sign up Muay Thai for him but he will choose boxing (if there is) instead because due to his leg injury. Okay. So long as he does something that is more meaningful than drinking, I'm okay. 

I think that's about it on him. Now what?

Oh... Just like to say that all of a sudden, I'm a changed person. I can ditch my guy on weekends to go out with my parents (yes not only that but before that, I can ditch him for weeks due to exam so how about that?). I'm so into going out with them recently. I don't know why all of a sudden I care for their feelings more. Maybe because soon next year, I will be somebody's wife and I'm not staying with them. So must start playing my part in being a filial daughter. Went out with them to places of interest, have lunch/dinner with them outside after that, bought food that they never tried before for them to try (if not they will become mountain tortoises) and went shopping with my mum at malls. To me, is never too late to start now and continue with that till they say goodbye to us. I told my guy about it and he is supportive of that. Aiya, every weekend spent with my guy also kind of meaningless because all he wants is to stay and home and catch some sleep. He is sleep deprived during weekdays and only weekends, he can sleep well. I got a lifetime with him after marriage so now more for my parents. Waiting to accompany my mum go for her school reunion in July. She already told me in advance because my dad cannot make it and I can take photos for her. Superb great! I'm on!!! And when is my dad going to JB? I want to go with them till my neck also long already. My classes are going to start soon. Faster can or not???? Haiz... Oh ya... And accompany my parents watch tv shows and chit chat about anything under the sun. You don't have to bring them out for expensive food or sort of stuff. By accompanying them is their greatest joy. 

Some may think why we need to do that when they never have time to pay attention to you or whoever during our younger days? Busy with work is one of the most common reason. Then some people will say then since busy with work and all these stuff, why get marry and have us? Please bang your head and put yourself in their shoes for the same reason they faced. If you get marry and have kids and meanwhile workload is alot, would you abort the child or not? You also won't because they are innocent ones. You think you want have kids that easy is it? Spare a thought for those who wants but in vain after trying many years. You should be grateful that you can have kids. 

Okay another one. Since knowing the heavy workload, then don't try for babies lah or quit the job if you want to have babies rather than not taking care of them properly. Come on please!!! You think now raising kids is easy like in the older days is it, where women can stay at home and be housewife and take care kids while husband go out to bring the bacon back? You know how stressful it is? Everything is about money. All the people want to work for money and have kids. Both. That makes it complete. You have a family, career and happiness. Complete! Some may not want to have kids and enjoy for the rest of their life without kids. I respect that decision. Is their decision and we can't decide for them. So long as they are happy with their decision, we respect it. Why interfere into their life? Never do that ok? 

If our parents never bring us to this world, we never know how they suffer in the past for us and also a complete family experience. You are just being naive, thinking that 'Ya I know how terrible in this world so if possible, I also don't want to come to this world to suffer'!!! Damn you! How you know the world is terrible when you are not even in this world? Stupid right? Who is gonna tell you when you have not even come into this world? Sometimes really need to use our brain and think before we say such stupid ass thing. Not using our ass to think okay? Alright. Enough of preaching. Cos nobody will bother because they have their own thinking. Never mind. Let them be. 

I hope I'm a wiser person as I grow older. I hope. And by the way, who says people of my age cannot blog, cannot instagram, cannot be in social media and etc? Tell me!!! I'm a social media freak, mind you!