Food Review | Itacho Sushi at JCube

Seriously. I wanted go JEM last night after work but end up their opening is yet again delayed. I wonder what is the developer doing. They should have a good coordination with their tenants on all these authorities submission. Must keep following up with them. You see, why other malls can do it, JEM can't? I used to be in this industry too so I know that keep pressing and following up with your tenants are damn important!!! See lah! I already ran out of ideas for dinner and yet this JEM is not open at all!!! Fine!!! I shall continue to dig up some good restaurants for once a week dinner with my guy. And so here I am, at Itacho Sushi, JCube.

Itacho Sushi is located at Level 2 of JCube, just opposite Franc Franc. And by the way, Franc Franc is having sales now. You know what to do right?  So as you know now is school holidays and lots of parents brought their kids out for shopping or meals and etc. Expected a long queue even if it is a Tuesday but luckily not that long and it is fast too. Thanks to those patrons who eat and go. Not sit there like they are going to order all the food in their menu. We are seated like within 10 mins from the moment we queue. That is great!

Have been passing by Itacho Sushi many times but never have the urge to try till yesterday. Wanted to try Nando's which is one level up initially. Since they are having great discounts and special sets, we decided to give it a try.

I don't know why but I like green colour since many years back. When I see green stuff, I will like 'WOW, very nice hor' that kind of reaction. 

We ordered hot green tea, free hot water refill. Why not? Nice cup right? I wonder if they sell these cups. I like it because internally is green. I mean it matches everything. Got standard right? I superb like.

Wow... They teach us how to eat sushi the authentic way. Not bad. But that's the usual way we have our sushi except that some may use chopsticks to pick sushi up. Use hands got so savoury or not? I'm gonna try it next round.

Some customers are seated at the sushi counter. Damn it! So good. The chef on the spot make fresh sushi for them, if they ever ordered. Just like we go to those sushi bars that serves sushi on conveyor belt style. Superb like! I miss going to Sushi Express!!!! 

Yup this is the interior of Itacho Sushi. Nothing much. Nothing special. Just a typical Japanese restaurant. 

The menu in it. OMG! All of a sudden, I superb like UDON! Because at work, I always had nice udon at economical price. And is tasty and springy. So I can't resist UDON when I see them in menu.

So now, let me talk about my food because you can sick of me talking about the crap above. Not interesting at all right?

Ta-da... First up. From top is Udon with deep fried pork chop in curry soup ($11). So you see that nice portion of pork chop. Follow by their Small Don, Bara Chirashi ($6.80) which look like Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice to me except that egg on top, and Deep Fried Shrimp Gyoza with Green Tea Salt ($2.40)

Okay lets start with Udon. The texture of their udon is just right and springy. My guy kept praising it. The udon did absorb the curry taste. However the curry is a little watery but still it did a good job. There are potatoes and carrots in it. The same way as how we cook curry chicken, with all the similar ingredients. It is just that different types of curry powder used. Japanese curry powder versus Local curry powder. Both have their own supporters. So usually when we have curry, the pork chop is a must to dip into it. I always encourage people to taste their originality first before dipping to compare. This pork chop that we have is crispy on the outside, tender meat on the inside. Sometimes we encounter pork chop that are not fresh or not thaw properly and so it has the fridge kind of taste. For this, they pass our test. Luckily!!!

Come to gyoza. Nothing great. This is just like those you bought from supermarket and fry it at home. I want to good ones that they handmade on the spot and pan fried like Japanese do. Too bad. It failed me this round. But instead of the typical way of having it with ginger and vinegar, they used Green Tea Salt. Quite nice. But I'm not sure about your taste bud. As for me, I kind of like it. Anyway, I won't order again. 

Last one in the above photo is their small don. Those who went Taiwan before or have Braised Pork Rice before in Singapore, don't you find it the same? The looks I mean. Hahah... But anyway, those I called it minced meat on top with a small egg, when you mix it with the rice, it tastes okay only. A little spiciness is there. My guy said the minced meat taste like those canned cube pork. Hahahah... And the rice is a little hard. Don't like this don and regretted it. I thought I can try something special out from their menu. Too bad!

Next up, Top Salmon Belly with Black Pepper ($4.50).
It is totally different from what is shown in their menu even though they have side note to say that what is shown in their menu is for reference. But hey, a little extreme right? The menu never show any sauce it in. It is just like salmon only with sprinkle of black pepper, dry type but what they gave me is this and told me this is what I have ordered. Sighz... Regretted big times! Why my orders today like a little sucky? Don't get it. This salmon belly is not fresh and not properly prepared. Don't like it at all!

Next up, Shrimp Spring Roll ($3).
This one compensate those lousy food before that. We love this. Crispy outside. I think the chef used vermicelli to create the outside like a net and wrap the prawn fillings before frying. Can't be also. Should be some skin that they made in order to create that. Whatever. This is good. The sauce matches it perfectly with a touch of sweetness. Just like having salad fried fritters but they use mayo as the dip.

And then we had some assorted sushi and realized that their sushi are better than those main course. But the sushi size is a little too tiny.

Salmon Lobster Salad Roll ($3.60)

Roasted Fish Dorsal ($2.70)

Smoked salmon with black pepper ($1.60)

So overall, there are good and bad for our dinner at Itacho Sushi but all depends on individual taste. For me and my guy, our verdict tells above. Not that we are bad taster or don't know how to taste good food, this is what we get so what do you expect from us? 

Will up a summary review on +OpenRice Singapore shortly. Meanwhile, read up this short post of mine and do give it a try if my verdict is not convincing. Anyway I heard this restaurant is quite popular and endorsed by Hong Kong singer before. I do see long queue before too. Judge yourself.