Photo of the Day! #Makanhunt by Openrice Singapore

Well again. Is a pleasant surprise again on a Friday. Received an email from +OpenRice Singapore , saying that my photo has been selected as the Photo of the Day for 29 May 2013. 

Yup I hashtag #Makanhunt on my photo in +Instagram again and not knowing it has been picked until the email came in. Thank you +OpenRice Singapore ! Really appreciate it. And the photo is Spicy Seafood Marinara I had the other day at Astons Express at U-Town, FoodClique. 

Oh actually it comes with a soup + garlic bread. But I never finish it because I just wanna finish the spaghetti. I kind of like mussels now after this round.

Oh by the way, Food Clique by Kimly Food is a foodcourt. The style is just the same as any other foodcourt or food junction. Kind of lazy to find any info about them but you can find them at NUS University Town, just walk further down after Koufu.

Yup the paging device that Astons is using so that customers will not miss their orders. Yoshinoya is using that too. Good job. I like!

Okay back to the story. So I was told to email them my mailing address so that they can send me the gift. I did that. Very prompt reply. 

Then subsequently, I received a notification on Instagram from Openrice Singapore. Eh... I saw the email before the message they left on my Instagram photo. Funny ar. It should be another way round. Hahahaha

Okay okay. I am a little long-winded. So now, how to join this #Makanhunt by Openrice Singapore?

Simply check out the webby at , go to Contests and look for #Makanhunt Instagram Contest. Details are all in. 

The following is where Photo of the Day and Photo of the Week is featured.

Yes yes!!! I saw my photo on 29 May 2013. Thank you thank you Openrice Singapore.

Hey... I'm at Number 10! I think is for the month of May 2013. I think I'm rather aggressive for the month of May and I really do find myself a little of that. What's wrong? Hmm... Eating too much is no good to the waistline too. But exercise more. Balance up everything. I wonder if I can be that aggressive for month of June. I hope so. If not next month I'm starting my final semester, I don't have much time for this. Sighz...

Or if you have Instagram account, START NOW! Especially if you are a food lover and loves taking food photos. You can follow Openrice Singapore at @openricesg in Instagram or @OpenRice_Singapore in Twitter. Or their Facebook page at That's so easy.

Add on:

Tada... Received the gift finally. Superb cute. 

Oh by the way, I do review foods that I had at OpenRice Singapore too. Yes one of their Openricer out of so many. I only write in honesty. No good means no good. Cos I'm paying for the food. Hahahahah... A little too excited again. Kind of crazy. But bear with me okay for this post. 

And also once again thank the creator of +Instagram for your awesome platform.