Product Review - Inside A Race Bag

Despite PSI 400+ on a Friday, I just have to take half day leave in order to get all my stuff. My Shape Run race kit + bag, my vouchers from Openrice and the sleeping balm from Haus of Spa. Okay enough of that. Gonna do a quite crappy review of what is in my race bag that I have collected from Shape Run Carnival. Selected a few from their sponsored items to review. But first let me show you what is inside.

This year, the race tee is Orange in colour, sponsored by Reebok. I quite like this colour and through their Facebook page, many runners suggested that instead of a Finisher medal, most of them (including me) preferred a Finisher tee. Don't you think is much more useful because we will wear it for running or exercising in the gym but a Finisher medal will be forgotten because left in one corner of our room or somewhere.
First up. Brands InnerShine - Ruby Collagen Essence (Strip). Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Before I got this, I have already saw it at Watsons. Wanted to buy but quite pricey for 10 strips. Because I previously tried their Berry Essence in bottles of 6 and I don't really like it because the taste is thick although not very sweet. Really got the taste of berries.

Now with this new Ruby Collagen Essence that comes in strips, I think I really wanna try. I'm old already and in need of all these to keep myself looking good from within. 

So this trial pack comes in time for me to test so that I can decide if it is worth. Because strips are easy to carry and easy to consume. After trying, I superb love it. And already have the urge to buy a box. But the dosage is 2 strips daily which means 10 strips can only last you 5 days!!!! Goodness. Can they have discounts of something? Quite pricey for 10 strips. At Watsons and Guardians, I saw trial pack too which is selling at $8.90 (if I remember carefully) and it comes with 1 bottle and a strip. Also not worth but a good trial pack for those who are still in doubt whether they like it or not.

Okay. I shall buy it!!! The jelly type of collagen essence is so damn good. I still can't forget the taste. Just tear and suck it up from the packaging. Yummy. Sweet taste (just right level of sweetness for me).

Next, Lakerol Sugarfree Drops - Fruity Drops.

Because being influenced by my guy who goes for sugarfree stuff, I am always on a lookout for sugarfree sweets which he needed to perk himself up while driving. But apparently, he still love his all time favourite - Fisherman's Friend. 

For this Lakerol, I thought there would be something special but too bad, nothing. 2 tiny drops (I share with my guy) and taste like cough syrup although some sweetness (of course) coming from within. It is those crystal like of drops which actually I don't really like because sometimes it hurts my tongue. Luckily it is just that 2 tiny drops. I will not buy at all. I'm not that kind of lady who likes to have a pack of sweets in my bag, although sometimes I might need it (when in need of a sugarfix or low sugar).

Lastly, Nature's Wonders - Baked Almonds.

Let's have a look at the health benefits of Almonds.

The health benefits of almonds are extensive, and they are actively used as a health tool for relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, coughs, heart disorders, anemia, impotency, and diabetes. It also helps in maintenance of healthy hair, skin care (psoriasis), and dental care (Grab from Organic Facts). Understand more from the link.

I got to know about the benefits and started munching somewhere last year. But kind of expensive (I bought another brand which costs about $4). Maybe I should check it out this brand. Munch the whole pack on my own. Though it tastes bland but rather than snacking on chips, this will be a better choice. It is also a Healthier Choice snack. Don't you think is even great? 

Basically, every single items in a race bag is useful on its own. Mostly are trial or travel pack. I usually keep for travelling but also must take note on their expiry date (if any). And if it is food items, mostly are healthier choice or recommended in their magazine. Superb love Shape magazine and their run. 

Due to the haze in Singapore, all the food items in the race bag really come in good use for staying at home. First of all, don't wanna get myself sore throat or even fall sick from inhaling the smoke, have not been buying any Pasar Malam food (which is so tempting) or titbits (chips and like which is unhealthy ones) so I munch on the stuff they have. We were given a loaf of Sunshine bread and there is also a bottle of isotonic drink and Kellong's cereal. Munching in progress. All very healthy right? Best! Right stuff comes at right time. Hooray...

K nothing else. Bye!