My Running Calendar

Sad to say that this year 2013, I'm not very aggressive like before in participating in runs. Because my guy said that why must I pay to go for a run when you can do it for free like running near our house area. But despite that, I still participate even though I'm paying for all the runs and not sponsor. I don't really have a good reason for participating. Maybe I just like to run with lots of unknown people. Oh by the way I'm usually a lone ranger when it comes to this. My frens are either not active enough or not willing to pay for runs (those who have the same mindset as my guy). But I like that cos I don't need to wait for my frens. I run at my own pace and complete at my own timing. 

So far up till now, I have just completed one run which is Nike She Runs 5K that took place on 11 May 2013 and I have blogged a little about it previously so you may want to check it out in this link here. Now I have some more runs coming up. One of my favourite will be Shape Run 2013 which I have not missed it since the start till now. 

My Running Calendar as follow:

7 July 2013: Shape Run 2013 (5km)

25 August 2013: RunNUS 2013 (10km)

13 October 2013: Pioneer Road Run (5km)

10 November 2013: Great Eastern Women's Run (21km)

Yes! I shall end my running calendar for 2013 with my first half marathon in GE Women's Run. Kind of excited and nervous at the same time. Really must train damn hard for it so that I won't lose my own face on that day. Actually I am too fond of running 5-6km. Don't know why but just always love signing up that particular category. And you know what? My routine run on my own is a minimum of 2km and maximum 5-6km. 

Okay okay. I think I know why. My guy and I have this similar thinking whenever we run on a Sunday and that is 'Why we haven't reach the end point yet and why is still such a long way?' Haha... Yes this is the reason but even with such thinking, we never stop but continue to finish our run.  Superb determined. But this year I never register for any run with my guy because he doesn't like to run with so many people. He rather run alone or with a few frens (recently he got running kakis that he knows from work which is good and I support that) or with me. 

I think my only running kaki will be my guy. So sad right? But never mind. That doesn't pull me down. I just look for motivation everywhere to keep me going. I want to stay fit and healthy which has been in my mind since last year 2012 after I have succeeded in slimming down. After slimming down, it is right to stay healthy and fit right? Not continue to slim down right?

I will look up to those who are like me, slim down through running and still continue to run because they enjoy it. Like one of my poly classmate. She really did it. I'm so proud of her. Don't you feel good when your hard work pays off? I feel damn good. Fitting in to skinny jeans which for years you can't fit in nicely, from M size to S size or even XS size and feeling lighter and happier.

Just don't bother how others see you. Flaunt your success. Get those envy eyes on you because you work hard for it. Women Power!!! No more girl power. I'm too old to say that. 

Okay to end this post, check out the links if you are interested to participate in the runs:

See ya in any of the runs. Runner ROCKS!