Alright. Heavy investment I guess. But I  photography. 

Guess that's part of my plan in future. Setting up a small studio of mine for photoshoots.

But my guy said that I should start from home first. 

Right! He said he will not rent out the other room (of our new flat) to others and let me do my stuff.

Hey one more room is his entertainment room. Damn it! I think I shall share that room with him.

Half for me and half for him.

And we can still carry on with renting a room for extra income.

Why I photography? I don't know. Maybe influence by my dad previously who always pinpoint on how I take photos.

What I  to shoot on? Food, product and holiday peektures. Even if the food is awful, so long the shots are taken perfectly. Even if it is a lousy trip, so long it captures the best moment at the right place, at the right time. Even if I don't really use or think that product is good, capturing it in a way which will capture the heart of others.

My Instagram is flooded with food peeks! My Canon digicam captures all holiday, food and product peeks.

I found what I need for a start. For product shoots. Gonna make a trip down to Peninsula Plaza and see for myself.

So excited.

And then is a good camera. Deciding between Canon and Nikon. Any suggestions?

The list goes on. Never ending. But the dream will come through.

Do look for me in near future (maybe from 2014 onwards) for your product shoots. I will charge a reasonable price for a newbie me in this line. Remember my email:

Will set up another blog just as a gallery. Stay tune. I mean real soon. 

Will continue to learn and practice to be perfect one day.