Lifestyle | I ♥ Uniqlo

I have been wanting to blog about that and since I am giving myself a break tonight, may as well I do it rather than later.

As we all know, Uniqlo originated from Japan! Yeah... I love Japan and lotsa stuff like culture etc...

The first time myself and my guy came across Uniqlo was at Narita Airport in March 2011. We were like doing a last minute shopping before boarding our flight back to Singapore after 5 days in Tokyo. Really had a wonderful experience in Japan. And so we went in the store and bought like SGD200+ of stuff from Uniqlo. I think this is crazy!!! I never spend so much on shopping before and this is the first time I did that in other countries. Well done!

Our first purchase. Please minus away those like keychains, camera, pouch and mufflers. The rest are Uniqlo stuff.

My guy bought alot like tops and boxers. Me, bras and leggings.

I love their bras. Seamless. Basically I want comfort. So even if it doesn't do any push-up effects, I don't mind. 

So after we are back in Singapore, the store located at Causeway Point was where we went and started our shopping in Singapore ever since.

I think most of the time we shop at that outlet until it opens one in VivoCity. So whenever we are there, sure make a point to see if there is any new items in store or store promotion.

My favourite coordinate:

Yes... My Pooh top and micro shorts. Simply love the colour of my shorts and my guy agreed too.

Pardon me for the mess behind me. I simply want to take a shot with this coordination!!! Okay I know is kinda childish but I wear what I want and comfy in. That's me! Laugh if u want.

Subsequently, I add into my wardrobe:
  • 3 more micro shorts, Black, Green and Grey (just bought today!)
  • 1 more Winnie the Pooh Sleeve Graphic top in blue (that was during sale)
  • 3 more leggings in black and grey and one in polka dot (on top of those I bought in Narita Airport)
  • 1 legging pants in white (or should I say is beige?)
  • 1 cotton v-neck short sleeve tee
  • 1 sleeveless bra top 
  • 2 bra camisole in black and white

Well sad to say, I wanted to get their colour mini skirt but the colours that I want doesn't have my size. I need a size 64 for that skirt!

But I kept seeing the Khaki colour with my size. 

So I drop the idea after checking out even in Bugis store!!!! Let fate decides whether I can grab that skirt!!!! I want a black or light grey in colour!!!! May this colour come again!!!! Correct me if I say the colour wrongly. Cos I really did see light grey one. Lots of khaki colour available. Guess not quite in demand.

I think my guy is Uniqlo's loyal customer. So much of tees he bought in Singapore, polo tees, bermudas, even winter wears which we bought recently.

But apparently, why doesn't Uniqlo have memberships? We are loyal customers. 

I would suggest they have this membership system soon since they have been in Singapore since 2008. Can or not???? I think in total for the past purchases, we have spend at least more than $500 or even more (there were lotsa times when our purchase at one time can amount to $100+). It doesn't include those we bought in Japan.

But another thing I want to comment is their retail staff are very polite. They greet customers every now and then in the store. I like! And they won't just stick behind you wherever u go. Well the stores are big! How are they gonna follow every single person? Kinda stupid of me to say so but actually to me, I pretty dislike being stalk behind. I find it rude. I guess Uniqlo will never have this practice. 

And I'm also looking at Uniqlo Recycle program. I'm gonna be part of it, going green and helping people. Uniqlo is one of those companies having CSR activities too. Shall look through and find out more. I support Going Green! Join me too. Find out more in this link and know more about how Uniqlo goes about with their program.

So check out the stores in Singapore with this link.

Or check out their website at

I ♥ Uniqlo!!!!