Examination Fever

Yes... Is yet again my examination. My 2nd semester and I guarantee this time round is tough! My assignments are so damn terrible that I almost breakdown. Luckily I have my fren to help me with some ideas and amending my reference list. For god sake! Harvard Referencing. Thank you!!! I don't know why am I feeling so tense up this semester. Last sem wasn't that bad even though I failed one assignment by 1 mark but manage to pull through overall. That's why I'm here in my 2nd sem. God! What am I doing here? I am supposed to be revising whenever I can!!!! Every minute and seconds are sooooo indeed precious. I read while I eat. I read while I poo. I read while I have chance in the train, travelling to work or elsewhere. Provided is not crowded but fat hope! I guess understanding is better than memorising. But if I never memorise the key points, how am I suppose to further elaborate on key points? Correct right? Well... I hope by 24th Oct which is my first paper, I can be confidence enough to write everything the questions asked. Keep my fingers crossed! Is a morning paper, therefore not much time left for last min recalling cum revising. Damnit! So while I struggle for this whole Oct on examinations, I still relax myself whenever possible. I definitely stop all reading cum revising at 11pm. Now I simply don't believe in burning midnight oil. Is a long story. When I'm done with exams, I shall or maybe not tell you the story. Anyway, I am also like a glutton. Just in need of happy food. Happy food that boosts your mood cum satisfy your tummy. Sweets doesn't help anymore. I am so deprived for happy food. Arrghhh... Hope I get to have happy food tonight with my love. Yup... Dating with my love tonight after work. 


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