Emotional Window

It has been for a month plus since I started my new job. Well... basically up till now, I feel I'm so useless here. There is nothing challenging in my work up till this moment. All I do is photocopying and some simple calculation and formatting a document. Crap! I can do more than all these. And is true.

Maybe I give myself 6 months to see if this industry is suitable for me. 6 months and that's it.

But in dilemma too. My new flat is coming. Probably in 2014. And now is like I have only 2013 to prep for everything. What if it comes early? And I am not done yet with my undergraduate program.

Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo......... I can't imagine that! Keep my fingers crossed. It will come only in 2014. *keep chanting it in mind*

Anyway, have been saving up for all the necessary. And I hope my job now won't screw me up in my saving plan.

Yah right! I am so contradicting right? Give myself 6 months to see if job is suitable yet scare it screws up my saving plan.

All these link together. Always. Cos in Singapore, you can't live well without money. Everywhere needs money. Even going to a public toilet needs money. 10cents. 20cents. 30cents. Shopping malls not operating this way but hawker centres!!!! Very clever of them.

What else needs money? Many many more. So how can you live without money?

Basically I'm a stingy lady. But to some extent, I'm still not stingy as one might be.

Visually I spot for cheap food and stuff. During holidays abroad, I don't know how to bargain for a even lower price. My visual will be on the price tag. And if I calculate it worth and cheap, I will just go for it. But maybe my guy will bargain. But still I seldom see him do that though there are times. Real rare. Don't get it right? That's me. Eyeing on price tag but no bargaining. Well done!

What do you peeps out there do? Like me or you bargain to the end?

Anyway, I don't know why am I talking about all these.

Exams. Why do I have a withdrawal syndrome now with examinations?

Symptoms like blurry vision, heavy head, nausea, mood swing, flu attack and sore throat.

And next Wednesday is my first paper. 1 week to be exact. OMG!!!!

Well so far so good. But memory is failing on me every now and then. Shit the hell outta me.

And what worries me is my assignment results. Crap! Is not out yet. Why does it take a month plus to mark the assignments? I want to know how I fare, even though no matter how the results are, I still have to work extra and 100% hard on revision.

Just ease my worries can?

Oh man.... That's it. I will just pray everyday + my revision effort.

I can say that my effort is about 60% at least. Will make it 80% the most. 20% leave it to God.

Shall blog more after my examinations....