Instant Noodles I love it!

I read this article and find it quite interesting. Is about food again, mind you! My love for food is always that much. But this time round, is about Instant noodles.

I guess most of you out there have it every now and then when we are on the go, busy, eat for the sake of eating (like my guy) or simply can't find anything to eat. Or you are instant noodles addicts (like my bro)?

How about the history of instant noodles? You may want to check out the link. Wikipedia shows a page on instant noodles. Very descriptive. I heard there is a instant noodles museum in Japan. Wow... I would love to visit that when I go Japan again. Saw it on tv actually.

As we know the most basic way of cooking instant noodles is throwing the mee into that boiling water, pour in the seasoning and that's it. Smells good! Same goes to cup noodles. Pour in the boiling water and will b done in 3mins. Woohoo...
It looks in this form. Very seldom did I have it in cup noodles. Unless I crave for it. In that form.

There are varieties of instant noodles on the shelves in supermarkets or provision shops. And my long time favourite will be Myojo Chicken Tanmen. When I was young, my mum used to buy this brand and this flavour. So this is how I come to like it so much. Top favourite!
Some other flavours that I like too:

Soup based type:
Chicken Abalone - my guy's favourite

 Dry type:

And lastly is Nissin's 出前一丁!!!! Mi and my guy's favourite too! Anyway so long is instant noodles, there will be my favourite!

If you wanna check out more on instant noodles, click the following links that directs you to their company website:

Maggi Instant Noodles
Koka Instant Noodles

Hey I love all brands. There are lotsa different brands which I can't remember what else.

Ok back to my topic. This article that I read from Yahoo! is about how you spice up your instant noodles instead of the conventional way.

Basically I go by the conventional way. Hahahahah... But recently due to my urge to do a photoshoot of my instant noodles, I did something up.

Nice or not? Is Chicken Abalone flavour + hotdog + egg + luncheon meat = my lunch

Square shape egg. I bought a cutter (or shape cutter or whateva) which cost me $1.05 oni for 2 cutters. But first time use so find it kind of hard to wash. Nevermind.

I feel so full after that. Actually I did pour the soup base into the bowl but it absorbed by the noodles damn fast. SO here in the picture, it looks dry.

Photos can be found in my Instagram so do check it out!

Anyway I will try doing another photoshoot and this time shall be really can see the soup and the sides will be different. A more healthier choice ba!

Read more on the article in the below link:

The end message is: Have it in moderation! Be a healthy smart consumer!