Surprises are everywhere

Had lunch on a hot afternoon with my colleagues at Boat Quay. V unique restaurant name. Rabbit brand??? Well... I am surprised too. Overall verdict for the food: thumbs down. Not really nice.

This is the good ones, for side dishes.
My colleague had this and is e best choice.
This is my set meal and it sux... Yuckz
I think this tom yum goong is good. So is the dessert.
Erm... I can't rem what is tis called bt weird to mi cos of tat plate of beansprouts.
Almost a month since the grand opening and also the golf tournament... Phew... luckily is over but nt really. Charity golf is coming. Damn it. Please don't make my life difficult.... Arrghh... Nevertheless, I got the pic of myself and my other KFMO colleagues at the golf tournament... So pinky... No choice. The in charge chose this colour for female organisers.

We were invited by one of our tenant to their grand opening. I mean is nice to hear that our tenant is so good to invite all of us in the office. But actual fact is, we are there to clear the leftover food from their buffet. Kaoz... We are left with rice, tat bits of fried beehoon, lotsa curry chicken, salad and broccoli mushroom dish. Well beta than nothing. I never had much but lotsa of broccoli... Broccoli is good for health. And personally love it damn lots... I had one glass of wine. Good! Lastly what I'm impressed was their pantry... So nice and it looks like a cafe of my ideal one.

I like the wallpaper... So nice. Can I have that for my house?

My colleague asked mi to take this photo of the cabinet for future ref. Hahahah...

That's about it... I guess. But latest update of mi is that I just went to HDB with my guy for the lease agreement. Yup. Everything is settled and they are going to deduct the downpayment soon from our CPF and so we have to wait... Wait till it is ready in 2015. Very long hor.. Bt enough time to save for everything plus by then I m done with my degree course and every single cent goes to my new home and car, maybe.