Received a shocking news from my SP classmates.  One of our classmate's boyfriend passed away yesterday morning.  He is only at the age of 28.  Die of lung infection, according to my other classmates.  Dear God!  Why must this happen to a young guy who still have a long way to go?  The biggest sadness is both of them are getting married this coming Nov.  I really can't imagine how my dear classmate, how is she going to overcome this real painful time.  Heard they have gotten a flat, just waiting for it to ready for occupation.  The last time we met up for high tea was last year.  She was happily telling us about her plans to throw her wedding dinner at that particular hotel we went.  And her bf's proposal when they went for holiday.  So sweet yet now, is all so painful to remember.

From my last failure relationship, I told myself that breakup is nt as painful as passing on of your love of the lifetime.  We shouldn't make ourselves upset, heartpain that long over a breakup.  Is never ever as pain as nt able to see yr love forever when he/she is gone from  this world.  That is called real pain. 

Bt I get over and start al over again after 4yrs.  But this 4yrs is not bad for mi.  I passed my O level English.  I get into Singapore Poly for Part time diploma course.  I get to travel for holidays using my own hard earn money and not from my parents.

Anyway thats not the point for this post.  I just want to say to love and care for your loved ones, start from taking care of their health.  Health is real impt.  Money can't buy your life back.  That's why I always care alot about my guy's health.  Cos he smokes and drinks.  Nw I'm worried abt him getting jaudice cos of his eyeballs is bits of yellowish color.  I do a search on this and it could b Jaudice or liver problem.  So I told him yesterday that we shall first go for blood test then take Hep B.  He always don't care what he eats.  Always say nv try b4 so must try.  U nv know what you wil b contracted to.  Cos I'm not always with him.  He had what I also duno.  So now for a start, Hep B.  And reduce his drinking.  I must really take care of both our health. 

RIP Yew Pang! Like what our other classmates had said, hope you will protect her in your own way from another world.