My new toy

Eh... Why a new toy?  Have to turn back the clock to 19 Aug 2011.  I was at Sentosa for our Golf Tournament.  We are in the changing room, getting ready for our dinner and also the last program of the day. Washing up and then while waiting, my colleague was talking to other colleagues from other projects about this thingy.  Eyelash Treatment tonic.  Wow... They each agree it did helped to prevent our lashes to drop, even when we rub our eyes.  It even helps that bits in the eyelash growth.  Was recommended one brand, Avance which they used before.  So when I rch home, I sat down and search online.  Found it but seems to b quite ex.  I heard from my colleague that hers was bought in Japan by her friend.  Hmm... I am considering... Then happen to come across this brand, DHC which is much cheaper and read from forum, it is not bad.
Ok... The subject is on the middle one, DHC eyelash tonic.  But the above is what I start my day with.  Pop a Vitamin C every morning, Olay Total Effects for SPF protection and moisturising, last but not least my eyelash tonic.  Seriously, I can't do without all these even though it seems nothing to others but it did mi lotsa goodness. 

I was introduce to Olay by my guy.  3+years back, my skin is rather dry and whenever I put on foundation, you can see patches of dryness on my face.  Religiously, I apply it every day and my skin improve.  No more dry patches on my face when foundation on.  Somemore, I get it at a affordable price in CK Dept store, less than what you can get outside at Watsons, Guardian etc.  I strongly recommend this product.

Again, I was introduce to this Shaklee Vita C by my guy.  Before that, I will take Vit E for my skin purpose.  But due to my sinus, initially got mi Antioxidant supplement to take.  Then after that change to Vita C.  It will remain in your body for 12hours.  He took this himself too.  Improve on me.  I never sneeze like nobody's biz everyday.  Still do but not frequent anymore.  Thumbs up!  If you are always not getting enough supply of Vitamin C, maybe you can try this.

Last but not least, let me get back to my new toy, DHC eyelash tonic.  Well... I have started using for a week.  Did see some improvement.  Lashes never drop that frequently even if you rub your eyes.  Is somehow serve as a tonic to your eyelash.  A nutrition to your eyelash.  Is transparent liquid form so you don't have to worry.  Not sure if you can use together with your mascara because I don't use mascara.  Still a long way before I can give a final verdict to this product.  A user posted in a forum that she used it for 2 months before seeing a good results.  So let's wait.

Just now drop by Watsons at Plaza Singapura after my appt at Musee.  Saw DHC on the shelf.  The eyelash tonic is out of stock.  Wow... Unbelievable.  But it costs $27.50 which is more expensive than I buy online.  I paid total of S$19.20 which includes the shipping fee.  Now I would rather wait for a week or so for some good stuff.  I thought I bought it from US.  Hahahah... Cos is in USD but when I received my parcel, it came from a Taiwanese lady.  Wow... Ok la. Is comes in good condition and not expired stuff.  Love it!

Let me know if you find DHC eyelash tonic online which is selling cheaper.  I wan!  But not at the moment.  Tink it can last mi for months.  Just brush like what you do with mascara.