Soon-to-be Student, yet again

Wahahahah... Finally I set my mind to study my degree in SIM.  Ok, is only ytd night when I submit my online application and then my decision is final.

I just wanna complete it my education path (which is up to degree level) before I turn 35.  Yup... And that will come true. 

Paid for my registration fee, preparing all the necessary documents to send over for verification before they take mi in.  But I am praying hard that I won't need to take up bridging courses.  I don't want additional burden to my financial.  I did my calculation.  I am still able to save up, not just for the school fee only.  But have to really scrimp and save damn hard.  Cos by the time I finish my course, it will be the arrival of my new flat. Wahahahahah... Everything comes about the same time.  Well... By then don't need to worry much.  Money should have by then for e renovation, and can live happily without any worries.  As for kids, let nature take its course.  If have, is a blessing.  If don't have, I also don't care.  What is more impt is that I have lotsa money in my bank for e rest of my life.  Can do anything I wan.

Now I look forward to my course commencement in Jan 2012.  Wahahahahahha....