Da place I work at...

I know is kind of late because it has been about 2 weeks or so since the grand opening on 31 Aug 2011.

Share with all some snapshots I took that day, in random.

Ocean Financial Centre
Da history of this building, this location, 10 Collyer Quay

Entrance of da main entrance. Nice for da night.

Nice hor... Manage to capture at da right moment.

At 42nd storey, the vacant unit turns into a lounge
Can tell if it is wine or champagne? Damn, is wine!
Nice ar? How I wish someone can take up the unit for such ambience!
Cool huh?
Seriously, my first time having canapes.
Am I havin plants? It looks like but it is not. Arrghh...
Took this from ORQ. Waitin for the light up.

Launch of Prime

Mingle around before the start
Right... That's all.  I never share much in FB cos I dun feel like it... Wahahhahahah....