Woohoo... My PO!

Saw e advert in tv jus the past wkend... Was wonderin if it is available in Mcdonald. Finally I gt it...!! Wahahah.. I m so damn hapi man.. My Sun was spent at United Square for my god son's bday celebration in advance at Globetrotter. YahOooo.. when we abt to leave the place, we went Mcdonald to c if it is out. N yes.. Hahaha.. is out! Though we had our dinner liao, bt stil grab a kid's meal lor.. Hee... 4 pcs nuggets, cup corn and milk.. Hee.. v small portion nia.. Bt my main purpose is for PO!!! Hee.. so hapi lor.. Gt sound comin out from it wit a press at e back.. Wahah... Nice.. Lov it!