Nw, jus gt to noe that next wk on the first day of sch reopens, I have a test. On e same wk Thursday, I hv another test. Haiz.. over enjoy my 3 wks break. Nw hv to hurry up get al e revision done. I onli manage to study 3 quarter of my Mon's paper. Haiz... Shd finish by today for the Monday test. Den tml can study for Thursday test.. Hmm.. like tat den gt time to accompany my guy. Hmm.. I tink he wil oso wan mi to study.. K lor.. I brin along my book to study when I mit him lor.. Steady rite? Ok shall concentrate on e tests next wk.. Hee.. gt motive de.. I wan to get good grades so tat he can fulfill wat he promised for next yr.. Go go go.. I can de la.. Bt quite sleepy nw after last nite's clubbin session. Tryin to concentrate... Jia You!!!!


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