Add on to my previous post on GUYS

Wat I wan to add on is, guys are ego. Kaoz... Stubborn too... 男人用下半身思考 no wrong wit tis phrase. Is true lor.. E guys tat I hv met r all like tat.. N is total sux... Ok bk to topic again. Little gestures frm guys r hard... Cos of their ego... Damn it.. Bt dun they noe small gestures frm them can reali light up the day for tat gal? We say tat guys onli noe hw to tink.. Bt wat r they tinkin? They jus based on hw they feel lor.. Nt jus hw they tink sia... It hurts.. N I hate it... I dun like it at... Den, I rather b single.. Cos guys cant even do al e small n simple things... Anyway, guys r simply unsensitive, stubborn and ego... I reali cant feel any happiness for long.. At e moment, is jus e companion tat u hv wit yr other half. Bt I c far ahead. Cos I jus wan to settle dw for one n nt hangin ard like nobody's child... Haiz.. Bt after my meeting wit the JVS gals, I find tat sometimes nt jus in a relationship can hv prblm, u can foresee prblm after marriage. Tats wat happen to two of my frens.. Feel so sad... One is divorcing. One is havin prblm wit e hubby cos tink e hubby gt affair outside ba. Imagine a lady who is same age as mi, hv to go tru tis wit 3 kids who are so young, I jus cant imagine if tis happens to mi. I wil go crazi... Another one has gone tru tat n was able to salvage her marriage. Pengz... See them like tat makes mi so scare tat I wil find myself a wrong guy.. Can I b a old hag for life instead? Cos I scare e hurt tat can happen. I noe I wont b able to take it. Reali... Frm my past relationships, I conclude tat I cant take in any more hurts. Cos I hv enuff hurts from two timing, another gal confrontin mi over one guy, flirtin ard, someone who dun love mi bt jus wan to b wit mi for some reasons, cant mit their expectations etc... SICKO rite? Had enuff... tryin to salvage each relationships bt in e end, it hurts mi more... So for e past 4 yrs, it has been good. Cos I learnt lots of things.. I learnt to protect myself and love myself more... before lovin someone. Enuff of my sacrifice for relationships cos it has wasted mi lots of time n effort 4 yrs ago... I build up e relationship bt destroy in seconds by e other person... Sux.... So wat I look forward after 4 yrs, is someone who can build up tis relationship wit mi n nt jus myself.... I HATE IT!!!! LEAVE MI ALONE! Sobz...


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