Everyday seems to b e same

Tis few days were terrible. Sneezing.. Tis reminds mi of my primary school days. We have a set of story books. One of the story is 'Ah Choo'. I cant rem wat is tat, whether is an animal or human. Haha.. Someone who always sneeze ba.. Cant rem tat story.. Hee.. For 4 yrs le... Tis has nv been cured. Mayb one day, I shd visit a specialist ba.. Tats a nose prblm! Haha.. Endure for so mani yrs liao.. Use to it le.. 4 yrs ago, lots of prblm surfacin out. Skin prblm, nose prblm, put on weight etc. Wit al tis prblms, I cherish e 4 yrs by pamperin myself... Though is a lonely one.. Well.. tats life. Jus face it. Shall treasure my last 3 yrs b4 hittin 30. Shall do lots of things so tat I wont regret in future.... Hmm... Shall list them out one by one n fulfill it one by one...


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