Sometimes, it makes one think tat guys can speak well bt nv use their brain to tink. Nt even tat, they dun hv ani in built sensor in them. They always like to say, 'U nv tell mi, hw I noe?' Upon hearin tis, u noe they dun tink n nv activate their sensor too. It probably turns mi off. Reali. Y mus everytime, every single thingy mus say out n they cant jus sense it? Tat means they dun understand us reali well.. Mayb sometimes shd reali take things slow.. If a year later, things is stil e same, it becomes pointless. U put in effort to let them understand u bcos u hope tat u dun hv to keep remindin them every nw n then n sometimes it becomes awkward for a gal to do so... Sometimes a gal can b petty too.. Over small things, they can b v particular. I m one example. Some I didn't say out. Some I jus let it out. I mean I reali appreciate small little gestures from a guy. I reali reali appreciate it... Bt sometimes it reali makes mi either so sad or piss off... Bt I find it no point throwin tantrum cos they wil find that u r jus another typical unreasonable and not understanding lady. V funi rite? Abit of changes in attitude, we gals wil b suspicious of tis n tat... For mii, I will.. cos I m v sensitive. I know tat person wont like sometin bt I stil purposely do it cos jus to make tat person piss off... Cos mayb tat person has made mii unhapi bt tat person wasnt aware. Hw to tel tat person? Cos it is reali so AWKWARD! I duno wat I wan liao.. I tink I shd slow dw my pace.. Take things slow... Bt I hv to b considerate towards my other half. M I ready? I'm nt sure... Bt I jus go by the flow. Sometimes, is best to b alone...


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