For mi, I'm kind of straight forward. Once an end of a relationship, I wil nt leave a single 'debris' in my room or anywhere tat I can c. Plus, a period of time to heal frm a relationship. Bt y sometimes ppl stil like to keep somethin as memory? Is there a need? I doubt so. Cos if u r in another relationship wit another person, the past shall b gone...................... Nt even leavin a single space in their heart. Bt y sometimes human stil like to keep memories? For mii, nt a single memory of my exs r left anywhere... Or isit bcos for so long, they forgotten tat the little memory of their past is stil lyin ard somewhere bt they jus nv bother? I wonder. I tink shouldnt b paranoid over thingy. Cos conscience is clear. As long they noe they hv someone beside them rite nw...


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