Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Went for dinner and shoppin wit Jac. B4 tis, someone said if my Gucci bag was bought frm Bangkok!!!! Guess who is tat person? Mr Taste... Gd lor... I spend a bomb on tis bag yet I get tis kind of FEEDBACK!!! Thanks hor Mr Taste... Arrgh... Fine I bought it from Bangkok la hor... Arrghh... I wil nt brin tat bag for quite some time... Al bcos of him.. Arrgh.. Though he doesnt mean it... Bt he first thot of it is a fake one, den hw u wan mii to react??? Kill miii... Fine... Lets nt say tis sad thing... Went to tis restaurant wit Jac at Bugis.. Nt bad hor.. Bugis nw lots of new restaurants.. Taste is nt bad... Arrgh.. Y 'TASTE' again!!???? Bt there is a difference for the drinks.. Pls take a look up there... Kaoz.. Mine is the greenie drink... Jac's another... There is a big difference... So BIGGGG! Pls do nt order GREEN MANGO FIZZ!!! Too big n sweet too.. Nv finish it... After dinner we went shoppin.. Suppose to shop for Jac's workin clothes bt end up buyin beach shorts... I bought two n she bought one... Haha... Jac, pls wear it next Sat.... Haha.. Let beach ard!!!!! Wahahha