My Victory from Bangkok

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Day 3
My Day 4 nv manage to take a pic of it. Arrgh... Cos tat day prepare to come bk SG. Bt is ok.. Tat day manage to grab 2 tops at SGD5 each... So hapi... Thanks to my colleagues.. They said my souvenirs are mothballs... Thanks.. I dun even know they are mothballs... Damn it.. Another particular colleague said I gt no taste in choosin souvenirs.. Fine.. Mr Taste aka Jon Yang, I shall get beta ones when I go Taipei in June ok???? I shall upgrade my taste... Arrghh.. Thanks to him hor.. Hopefully he dun c tis post... I m here cursin n swearin man!!!!! I given him sometin beta than 'MOTHBALLS'!!!! Arrghh... Fine... Reali wana kill him! Seein al tis pics, I realise the souvenirs were bought on the first day.. Haiz... Fine.. I shall grab beta ones in Taipei... Mr TASTE has a v high expectation lei... *Faint* Shall buy a taste bug for him... Hee....