Swearin @ HIM

I thot I block him tru friendster and msn, I can forget his existence. Yet tis stupid Facebook is another channel that he managed to get miii.... He left mi a msg....
From Him:

Hi dear
>hey,how u???wana mit for gathering,msg or call mi when u free,miss u!chen yunming!

Tryin to act close lor... Wat e f***!!! Leave mii alone.. I tink those frens who knows him hv helped mii by ignorin his request of gettin my contact no... I count myself lucky... Can trust those frens... Jus giv mi a break...I dun even wan to befriend him... Reali dun even wan. There is no friendship between us after we break off 6 yrs ago... I dun wan him in my life... He is simply heartless 6 yrs ago... So y shd I care???? I dun hate him anymore.. Jus dun let him appear in my life anymore...