Human issue

Hate it.. Jus today, I received 2 complaints from my site staff. Damn it.. Y do I hv to hear al tis out? I cant scold them but I cant comment much too... I'm nt in e position... Haiz.. Listen to them makes mi so frustrated... Cos alot of human prblms surfacin up.. Mayb it exists bt nobody wan or date to bring up.. I was tinkin.. If u bring up, at least I can tink of a way out... If I cant help, I wil go to my executives to solve. Worst come to worst, go to my boss le lor.. Hmm.. sometimes duno hw they tink.. I tink I beta go attach to one site for a week to experience e agony my gals at site hv... N e guys too.. Some of them r either lazi or refuse to listen to instruction given... Like to challenge their superior.. Cant stand them.. Reali... Then always complain tis n tat... Kaoz.. MC la.. take urgent leave la.. MIA la.. Then the supervisors wil call mi up on tat.. I mean wat can I do? Can I go find them like Military police, knockin on the door, catch them back to wat they suppose to do? No lor... I can onli deploy ppl to go dw... I hate doin tis deployment.. Cos I gt onli 1 person to deploy den if few ppl on leave la etc, can I split my guy into half to cover their duty? No lor... Arrgh... OT is unavoidable... Bt nt always like tat can la... Arrgh.. I m tired of tis deployment thingy.. E division is nt makin much money yet stil hire 2 extra or I shd say 3 extra ppl to add burden to our division cost.. Wat e f***! Nt my boss wan to hire, is CEO wan to hire... Damn it.. The Dubai thingy stil haven say when goin over then hire them so early for wat F***! Addin to our cost lor.. Damn it.. Duno he noe hw to do business anot! If our division cannot hit the projected sum for the year, the BIG BIG BOSS ask why n the CEO sure blame us y we cant do it.. Hell wit it.. If he tinks tat it is so ez to do so, pls show us hw to do it... Alot of VPs in the company r in tis field for so mani yrs liao. They say cant do it means they say it out frm their experience. Den tis fellow tinks is ez... Everythin oso can complied.. Kaoz.. sure screw up lots of things.. Fine... Bear it for another year... Next yr beta prospect... Shd look for IR industry liao.. Cannot stay long here... I thot our previous GM, Mr Chan n Billy are terrors... When they left, everyone was so hapi. Cos new CEO comes in. Our salary adjusted... Hahah... So hapi lei.. Den wat e f***! Is stil e same... N even more demanding.. F*** out... Make ppl do 2 kinds of job scopes bt stil same pay... Tis company reali noe hw to make use or I shd say take advantage of ppl.. Wit e company for almost 2 yrs... I c alot of disgustin ppl... Such as apple polisher.. Yucks... Hate it... Tats y I say.. Human Issue sucks...


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