I'm triggered by the leap years

It triggered my thots. Am I being wit someone for the sake of being wit someone? I hate tat feeling. The lines have definitely triggered mii deeply abt mi n him. Am I too rush? In coincidence, tis my 4th yr declarin 'SINGLE'. 'Li-Ann' waited for 12 years for 'Jeremy' n finally they r together. Is it worth waitin in reality? Seems silly to alot of ppl bt I sort of hvin different thots. Help mi... Arrghh. I jus cant feel e rite one has come. I m jus despo for love cos afraid of bein left on the shelf. Gosh... I tink I shd slow dw.. I reali shd. Til I reali feel comfortable... I tink I m stil nt ready. Reali nt ready... I stil cant overcome e fear.. e phobia... I tink I shd giv up e idea for nw...


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