Early White Haired Chap

He said cannot put in my blog bt I insist puttin.. Cos is rare tat he wears tie. Onli special occasion.. Hmm... Handsome la okay!!! I wont say u tat bad de la.. He is our operations exec. Operations mean despatch, manpower issue, accounts everythin.. Hmm... He stil tinks he is under paid... Hmm.. Den hor, I tink I oso lei.. I tink I beta get more things from him to do so tat it will look like I m underpaid while doin lots of rubbish... Bt I reali gt lots of things to do de lei.. Jus tat I procastinating nia... Hmmm.. *Salute* Erm.. I mean to him... Cos he gt white hairs!!! Haha... Work til gt white hairs wor.. I dunwan white hair unless I'm old.. Guess his age??? Nt even 35yrs old ar!!! Kaoz.... So let call him e White Hair Chap!