Food Review | TanYoTo at Liang Court

My man longed for Wagyu Beef and he had eyed for this place the longest time since 2015. Since there is a good reasons to splurge a little more especially to celebrate Mooncake Festival, why not? At first he thought it was a Japanese restaurant and I couldn't remember too. When we were there, realized it was a Chinese hotpot restaurant instead. Never mind on these. Wagyu Beef... here we come.

Nowadays, restaurants are catching up with technology. Our orders are made through a tablet and sent to the kitchen. Common sight and probably one day, a robot will serve you instead of a human being. Cool... I mean we are going towards a SMART NATION, aren't we?

Soup Base $16

Ordered a Yuan Yang Pot a.k.a 2 different soup bases in one. One normal Ma La (spicy) and Fresh Fish Soup. When they served up, it looked so majestic with the pot handle of dragon heads. Around the pot were details of Chinese crafting. Wow... they really went beyond to provide not just quality food but also customers' simple pleasure.

Anyway the fish soup was good. Very flavourful with herbal taste. Couldn't help but drank continuously. But the other one which my husband wanted was beyond his tolerance. Super duper spicy even for someone like him who enjoyed spicy food. So have it at your own risk. He ended up sharing the fish soup with me. 

Japan Wagyu Beef $26 for half portion

The price for about 5-6 thinly sliced of Wagyu Beef. Applause for the nice knife skills. Or probably machine cut. And this was what my husband came here for since the first time he clapped eyes with this restaurant. We did the Shabu Shabu way, dipped it down in the soup for seconds before going into our mouth. Shouldn't be overly cooked, if not the beef would not be tender.

Australia Scallop Slice $14 for half portion

Wondering why they served the scallops with cucumbers underneath. For decorative purpose or not, it didn't matter. What was more important, the freshness came bursting out with every bite from that not so big scallop.

Four Treasure Ball $10 for half portion

Was said to be homemade or maybe handmade, and was believable though because of the shape. Quite solid and it took awhile to cook from inside out. 4 different types like cuttlefish balls, pork balls and so on.

Mushroom Platter $10 for half portion
Fried Beancurd Skin $7 for half portion

My love for mushrooms. 3 steamboat items must have for me: quail eggs, fishballs and mushrooms. Any types of mushroom is love! And there was these fried beancurd skin. Perfect for steamboat too because within seconds, it softened in the fish soup by absorbing the goodness into it. Newly recruited into my list. A 4th one.

Udon Noodles $3 for half portion

A small portion of udon for both of us was just right because the steamboat dishes filled us up almost to the brim. Delicious soup base needed something like this to end a perfect dinner.

Plum Juice and Barley $3 each with free flow

Didn't knew that the free flow came in a jug for each drink. That was quite brilliant idea because the waiters/waitress did not have to be called around for drinks top up. If I know earlier, I would have shared with my husband instead of getting 2 different drinks.

Complimentary Mooncake

Because it was Mooncake Festival, so the restaurant gave each table a complimentary mooncake. Cool! We even thought of getting a piece of mooncake just for the festival but now all in. We got Matcha Mooncake. Although it was a little sweet, no complaint because is FREE!

I think is time for the hotpot season to start. And I smell Christmas because is closer to year end. Tried different hotpot restaurants (if you have followed my blog) and this is one of those which probably you can try out. 

Tanyoto Restaurant
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court
Singapore 179030
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (NEL Line)
For reservation, call 6836 6839
Opens from 11.30am to 11.30pm (incl. Sun and PH)