Food Review | Ah Loy Thai

My girlfriend suggested this place for Christmas gathering this coming December but I decided to bring forward and so here we are at Ah Loy Thai for our ladies nite out. Heard that they were previously at Shaw Towers but now relocated to Tan Quee Lan Street, which is just across the street. And I overheard my colleagues talking about it too because this place served nice Thai food. That makes me even curious to know how authentic and good their food is. 

Late-comer has no choice but to just have what the rest ordered but clearly it wasn't what I fancy. Too bad.

Fried Omelette

When I saw this being served up, my eyes rolled. Like why my ladies came here to have fried omelette though. Yes indeed it was a pretty sight and the omelette was fluffy but oily which was how it supposed to be. Even better if there was a bowl of rice to go along. But overall, I still think we can have it anytime at other places rather than in a Thai restaurant. Focus on the theme please. You can have fried omelette anywhere at ZiChar stalls. 

Pineapple Fried Rice

Savoury taste of the rice and sweetness coming from the pineapple chunks. Quite a decent plate of fried rice. Not sure if I am seeing things but looks like they used long grain rice a.k.a basmati rice.

Fried Glass Noodles

This plate of glass noodles was good and I would like to comment on the superb fresh prawns used. Everyone would look forward to fresh ingredients whenever they cook or eat out. But the portion of glass noodles wasn't that much. So it was not satisfying. And the ingredients stolen the limelight of this dish. 

Seafood Glass Noodles

If you can't get enough of glass noodles, ordered another one like what my ladies do. One is not enough so have two then. This was more of the salad type of glass noodles. I can't say is not good but I would take the fried version instead. And I would have a proper salad than this one. Out!

Pandan Chicken

Recommend you peeps to try this because not all the time you could get it at restaurants. Unless you picked the right one with the right taste at the right time. I thought this was good because the moisture and tenderness were retained and of course, the taste coming from the marination and pandan leaves. Had one to share with my another 2 piggies. They know who they are. Haha... Sharing is caring.

Thai Fried Tofu

If you just wanna have some decent sides to go along with your meal, you could choose this because it wasn't that oily and was drizzled with sweet sauce. The outer layer covered with batter wasn't too thick, just right. 

Papaya Salad

This should be quite appetizing and for those who loved Thai salad, probably you can get this as a start of your meal. So that you can have more later on.

Fried Kailan

Like any other restaurants that would serve this dish, a common staple on dining tables. This one here was cooked just right, with the crisp and moist retained.

Tom Yum Seafood

You shouldn't miss out having Tom Yum Soup. Never. It was like a staple, like how Phad Thai was in my heart. But clearly, my ladies loved glass noodles than Phad Thai. Anyway, a generous serving of seafood in the soup and no doubt on the taste. It wasn't too spicy and I thanked God for that. So that I could enjoy more of my favourite soup without running the toilet. I have sensitive stomach.

If you wanted something non-spicy, ask for a clear version like my ladies do. 

So here are my picks: Pandan Chicken, Fried Glass Noodles and Tom Yum Seafood soup. 

On average, one person is about SGD15 (I calculate based on the total for 7 pax). Remember peeps, you know your tummy capacity well and if you can't finish so much food, please do not order too much like how my ladies do. Don't need to be afraid if one is not enough because whole table of food you nibble here and there, you will be well-fed to the brim. Luckily, one of my girlfriend decided to takeaway that Pandan Chicken. I wonder why they don't even bother eating yet ordered. I think the staff clearing our table will be rolling her eyes in her heart. Don't expect me to eat a lot because all along I have a limited capacity and that I have a rubbish bin a.k.a the husband who can eat more than me but now with age catching up, his capacity shrinks too. Save money lah though is not that expensive here. Anyway, enough of my rant. Enjoy!

Ah Loy Thai
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188098
Nearest MRT: Bugis (DTL/EWL)