Food Review | Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan

It has been eight months since my last trip to Taiwan. Superb miss walking and eating everywhere we go. Can't wait to arrange a trip soon but first, shall satisfy myself with their desserts here in Singapore without flying over there, yet. 

Those who have been to Taipei will know of this shop at Jiufen that sells chewy Taro balls desserts. I tried a warm bowl of grass jelly with taro balls when I was there many years back. And that was the first time I had warm grass jelly (no kidding). Especially warm on cold weather.

This shop Nine Fresh, created by Singaporeans is here to bring this taste from Taiwan near you. Keeping in mind our local taste bud, they created flavours with their Signature Taro Balls. And also I realized the three key ingredients for their desserts are Taro Balls, Grass Jelly and Aiyu. Sometimes, Beancurd too.

I was at Chinatown for lunch one day and was wondering around to look for food. Happen to see Nine Fresh's takeaway counter and decided to try since it was new to me. Pretty excited because I love Aiyu so much. Here are some of my picks.


Black Sugar Aiyu Special $3.50

Aiyu was my favourite so I chose that for a start. Been long since I had Aiyu and it soothes my tired soul. Also chewing away on the taro balls made my day a better one. Although the pinto beans sent a sweet shock through me, Aiyu is there to balance up the overall taste.

Nine Fresh Signature $2.80

I had the best of both world: grass jelly and beancurd with the usual beans and taro balls. They will ask if you want peanuts. So opt for the soft peanuts and not the roasted one. Wrong choice for me here.


The Chendol Cup $3.80

Mixed feelings as I have this bowl as you get the taste of sweetness and savoury at the same time. But it was good as there were attap seeds in there. I can't remember the last time I had attap seeds. One of my favourite during my younger days. And seriously, it has been long since I had Chendol and it reminds me of the days we hang out at hawker centre just to have a bowl of Chendol or the always popular one, Ice Kachang. 

Freshly Brewed Tea

Assam Red Tea $2.10 + $0.80 (for mini taro balls)

Drinks option started from 16 Sep 2017. But only 4 choices, like Assam Red Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine Oolong Tea and Earl Grey Tea. So with such, my top choice was of course, Assam Red Tea. Got myself mini taro balls for toppings because it is the main cast of Nine Fresh. And also if there is a next time, I will opt for 0% because I still find it quite sweet at 25%. I think it must be that taro balls. Find out more of the available toppings online. At first bite on the mini taro balls, I thought I have been deceived because the texture taste like those black pearls. But after drinking more, yes I got it. Really taro balls. Still as chewy as those bigger ones. 


Aww in One Cup $3.80

The beancurd was hidden below so here, it looks so similar like any others you see above. I must say again that the mini taro balls are freaking sweet. A little unbearable so I tried to mix it well.

Other than the above, you can create your very own bowl from the list of their base and 25 different toppings. Probably one of these days, I go create one. So do look out for my Instagram.

Price range starting from $2.30 and in my opinion, is quite affordable. Back to basic, one base with just 1 or 2 toppings might be enough for some of you. 

Happen to know that they are opening an outlet at Yishun Northpoint. Again, I am in luck! And everyone living in Yishun.

Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan
133 New Bridge Road
#B2-43 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NEL/DTL)