Food Review | Uncle Leong Seafood

Our very first visit to Uncle Leong Seafood for our wedding anniversary dinner. The purpose of coming here was mainly on crabs. First operated from a neighbourhood coffeeshop in Ang Mo Kio to now spreading their wonderful seafood to Punggol, Toa Payoh and Jurong East. 

At first, we wanted to try out their Signature, Shimmering Sand Crab but then was told that it was more on the sweet side (cooked with white pepper, butter and cream) so we decided to drop that. My husband and I were more on the heavy taste or savoury side. Then ordered their Chilli Crab and Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup. And not forgetting the fried buns for dipping into the chilli crab sauce. Yummy!

Chilli Crab

Usually when we have crabs, we won't ask much but just on the weight. This time, we were asked whether to have a male or female crab, where the difference was mainly on the size of pincer (or crab claws). And then decided on a small male crab for Chilli crab (about 800g - 1kg, same goes to female).

Look at the crab eggs on the shell! Delicious yet sinful. You know how much the calories will be? This dinner was definitely a rich one. Super duper.

Pardon the messy hand. We kept washing our hands every now and then, especially me because I wanna snap down the photos. Look at the claw. One mouthful and it would be gone. No doubt on the freshness. Definitely.

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup

This one here, a female crab used. On the sweet side but not so overwhelming. A little small in size for the claws but the crab eggs were just as much. Also they used laksa bee hoon. Taste so good and savoury and a little buttery. Had some crab eggs to go along with. Was given a disgusted face from the husband because I threw the white flag on my last crab claw but still able to feed on the leftover bee hoon in the claypot after finishing a bowl. Which is more expensive? Crab or bee hoon? Of course the former. *Slurp* A noodles lover I am. Don't know how to weigh in which is more important.

I find that here at Uncle Leong Seafood, the price was rather on the high side as compared to other seafood restaurants we have been to. Spent a total of $163 this meal. Drinks, buns, peanuts and towels. All chargeable. But a nice try. Bucket list checked on another seafood restaurant.

Also we joined their reward program (or membership) for free. Just provide your name and phone number to start earning points on your meals. Or takeaway too. Find out more from their friendly staff.

Uncle Leong Seafood
6 Tebing Lane
#01-03 Punggol East
Singapore 828835
Tel: 6441 1848