Food Review | Lenas

Lenas is named after the founder and sets out to bring patrons a wide selection of food and affordable price to dine in. An American Italian casual dining restaurant that have you spoil for choices. Not only that, you get to choose from some Asian inspired selection like Japanese curry. 

Have set my mind to try after passing by their outlet at JEMS. Not gonna miss it again. 

Finger Food

Buffalo Wings $6.50

Definitely some crispy tasty wings that was served with Thai chilli sauce. However, the small portion and not really worth the price.

Soft-Shell Crab $9.20

It didn't fail on the taste but mediocre. The price of one piece of soft-shell crab was definitely expensive and not worthy. Think sushi place like Sakae Sushi is much cheaper for the same thing last time (when you picked from the conveyor belt, the red plate, remember?).

Main Course

Mixed Seafood Omelette Rice $17

The garlic-infused rice wrapped with their fluffy, moist layer of egg. This was something almost similar to the one we had at Osaka Ohsho (link here) but a difference gravy or sauce used. Here, they used curry sauce to go along. And not forgetting the mixture of seafood (prawns, squids and etc). Portion was good and my girl friend just couldn't finished on her own. 

Classic Breaded Dory $17

You can choose either to have 1 side ($15) or 2 sides. I chose the latter, which later regretted as I underestimated on the dory portion. I chose Parma fries (I supposed it meant waffle fries sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Am I right even?) and coleslaw. Of course the sides were good no doubt. The dory itself was the winner. Lightly seasoned, you taste the fresh piece of dory fish without fail. But I would suggest you order 1 side to go along because I ended up not finishing the dory because of the 2 sides. Stuffing myself with too much. Greedy like any other day.

What's more? Add $7.50 for a glass of wine or 1/2 pint of Hoegarden beer. Or add $5.50 for a dessert that cost not more than $7.20 from their menu. Of course we go for the former! What is life within a beer?

Overall, the food here were decent but I would not order their sides again the next visit because it wasn't worthy with the price tagged. Go for the main or even pizzas and burgers.

201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW Line/Downtown Line)