Food Review | Old School Delights

Dragged my then-boyfriend now-husband here because both of us were old school. Yes in a way we were old enough.
Located along Upper Thomson Road, you can spot Old School Delights at the shophouses where other cafes are there too. Be spoilt with a little variety. Finding a parking lot at that area was hard because surrounded by private houses so you have to risk getting summon.
A small shop with al-fresco seating (limited) so if you want to come for meals, do come early to chope a table. The design of their menu says it all. A jotter book as the cover which most of us will know because that was used during school days and when you forget to bring to school, teacher will ask 'where is your English/Chinese jotter book?'. The sharpener that costs 10ct back in my days at school bookshop. Bring back so much memories.

Laksa D' Lite

As the name says, this traditional Laksa takes to a lighter version by reducing coconut milk. Just less in cholesterol but it is still our old time favourite. But I would prefer something thicker because it is more flavourful.

Lil' Drumlets

The golden crunchy drumlets served with their homemade garlic-chilli mayo. Love this one because it tastes like my favourite CP brand drumlets. Something that serves well if you are looking to get finger food. Check out their variety of Starters in their menu.

Drinks were served in mason jars. Differ from the usual glasses. These jars used to preserve food in home canning. Now a days, more like a drinking jar be it a smaller type like this or bigger one for dry items storage.

Inside the shop displays more of the old school items that we found familiar. Yes... have to admit old. We used to come across at provision shops when we went marketing with our mum. And the toys that we used to play before technology took over. Thankful for a memorable childhood which not all will have now.

If you would like to try on our local food, here is the place. A little pricey than our hawker centres but if you feel richer that month, gather some friends to go and share the cost. Plus fats.

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
Nearest MRT: Marymount (Circle Line)
Operating Hours:
11.30am to 10pm, Tuesday to Friday
11am to 10pm, Saturday to Sunday
Closed every Monday