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Although it is just a short 2 days 1 night tour, it is always nice to go for holidays with your folks once awhile. While it may be tiring for both of them, at least they are happy with our companion. Age is catching up on them real fast so bring them for holidays as much as we can while they are still mobile.  

The folks had been to Malacca a decade ago and according to them, there wasn't much of shopping malls back then and their trip was mostly walking around the fortresses, churches, heritage buildings left behind by the Portuguese, Dutch and British centuries ago during the colonial days. It is quite an interesting tour where you get to see the architectural style back then and if you are not aware of their history, it will be of no value to you because you won't know how to appreciate it.

I enjoyed the trip through photography and food, minus shopping. Immersing in the culture of this historical state in Malaysia. The meals provided were good, both Chinese and Nyonya cuisine, and a fantastic hotel stay. Spacious room and big balcony with a nice night view from 26th floor. What's more to ask for? Furthermore, the hotel is adjoined with the shopping mall next to it. One that shopaholics will ask for. A walk through Jonker Street with street stalls opening for business from 5.30pm onwards and that is when the crowd starts to build up. Lastly, visiting the iconic Christ Church Melaka and A'Famosa Fort.

Finally, a tick off my bucket list as this is the 2nd time I came, with the 1st that was just a day tour way too short. Now already anticipating another short trip with my folks. Planning starts now.


Day 1 Itinerary:
  • Breakfast at Gelang Patah (self paid)
  • Local product shopping at Yong Peng : Yoyo Native Food
  • Temple visits at Batu Pahat
  • Lunch at Muar : YSquare Connexion
  • Walk around Jonker Street and Jonker Walk
  • Dinner at Ole Sayang for Nyonya Food
Day 2 Itinerary: