Travelogue | Koh Samui Trip plus Flight Cancellation

It has been long since I updated my space. Sorry about that. Please... I beg you come back to my blog. I promise to update whenever I have interesting stuff to share.

Please be aware that it is gonna be a wordy long post. So before I start all the whiny stuff on my 1st ever flight cancellation, I shall highlight on my trip which some were not covered in my article with Foodpanda. ITo get some idea of my trip, feel free to read up from the link below:

Was beach bumming at Chaweng beach, which is just right outside our hotel. Wow... I witnessed how crystal clear the water is. But I know there are places even nicer and clear (like Maldives). But anyway, this is good enough at Koh Samui that is an hour plus away from Singapore. Hot and damn hot I must say. But cocktails during happy hours are our remedy. Chillax.

Beauti Drink. Found this at 7-11 and it was out of curiosity because a lady was exclaiming about this drink. Curious over this sort of Beauti Drink and if it really gonna make you beautiful. Naive. So went about trying it though I know is all BS. But quite interesting to find different sort of drinks that one country or province can come out with. Though it is just some sweet drink but nice try.

Next will be our 1st dinner at Terminal D. Awesome and fresh seafood one would ever get. It just makes your day a better one. Definitely my choice if I were to come again.

So you see they package it in sets and looking at it makes you so tempted to have. It is really eye-catching whenever you pass by the restaurant. How to miss this?

Deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce. What's more to ask for? You can choose how you want your fish to be done from steaming to deep frying. This is one crispy fish you will ever want though quite bony. Pass lah though if the bones are not crispy enough to eat.

This is crazy mad delicious and fresh! I feel like a queen having lobster here that is affordable. You taste the freshness of this lobster. Grilling it retains its juiciness. Must have, people!!!

Sorbet at Urban Cafe found at Central Festival. Initially wanted to try the Ice Cream Rolls at 100 Baht but the husband said that it will taste just the same as sorbet. It is all about Handmade versus Machine-made. I chose the 3 flavours mainly Green Lemon, Kiwi and Mango. So icy and chilling! Highly recommend Green Lemon flavor. It simply wakes you up from your daze. ABout 240 bahts for 3 scoops.

Another dining option will be Mother Land Restaurant, which is opposite the street from our hotel. They offer almost the same type of food as Terminal D but with an additional option – Kebab. But first, let us have a beer.

I love Pad Thai and whenever I’m in Thailand, will definitely order a plate to satisfy the noodle person in me. But this Seafood Pad Thai was a little moist. I like those that is dryer so that it does not have that sticky taste. A hint of sweetness on the overall taste. And the seafood like squids and prawns are quite fresh but there are better ones.

By right, I should get the hype over my favourite soup but apparently, it was just all right. Husband asked for lesser lemon grass because yes, I agreed that sometimes due to that overwhelming lemon grass flavour, it spoilt the taste of the soup. After a lessen lemon grass, it tastes just right but need a little more spicy to it. In Singapore, they make Tom Yum Soup with almost similar ingredients but the colour looks redder.

It was nice and quite fresh to have. What’s more can you ask for? There were two sauces given, one Thai chilli to dip with the prawns and the other was melted butter with garlic, probably for the cob corn. Need to emphasize that you should always have your food on its own first before enhancing it with dips. If not, how would you know if it tastes good or not?

I don’t really fancy Mixed Kebab but if you love Kebab, try this. There are 3 different flavours like beef, mutton and chicken, each skewered in a stick. It was quite dry and tough to bite on. Good thing that we have strong teeth to chew them down. I love it in thin slices in wraps instead.

Complimentary by the restaurant. I have never tried before so grab this chance to do so. Well… all I can say is sweet and very glutinous rice kind of taste. For sure the mangoes are fresh and good.

Do you know at Samui Airport boarding gate, they have 'Courtesy Corner' for passengers to have something light before boarding?

Here is the boarding gate. Very tropical feel cum eco-friendly (non-aircon area) plus spacious. They really have rooms to do so as compared to other airports.

Their Courtesy Corner has mini sandwiches, pies and drinks to cater passengers under the hot weather. One thing is their flavoured drinks are very sweet. I don't know how others can tolerate but not me. I can tolerate any sweet flavoured drinks but not those overly sweet one which I will protest!

Okay now let me start on that flight cancellation experience. I'm just gonna let keyboard warriors to judge me for being whiny over 1 miserable flight cancellation I had in my life. Because others may have encountered more than I do. But then because it still tingling in my mind and I can't let it off my mind until I write it down fully, I'm just gonna be just me! And our attitude that time can be quite aggressive but too bad, this is us.

I always read many news on flight cancellations due to all sort of reasons. The number of hours delayed, how the passengers are left stranded at the airport without accommodations arranged by airlines and thus sleeping around the airport. And some even demanded explanations and the heat just goes on as the time passes, without any flights arranged for passengers to depart. All the mixed emotions of the passengers and the tense atmosphere at the airport.


Thanks to our Singapore carrier, Silk Air. Thank you for the experience and I will never forget!

I really have to pen down this experience because being left stranded at the airport for hours is no joke. The frustration and your plans for the following day has to be cancelled. Not only that. We have to take a day's leave and even missed my last culinary lesson cum graduation. Yes. I bear grudges. 


Yes, we was having a short vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand. By right, every vacation should end a happy one and very 'lucky' of us, the incident happens when we are departing from Koh Samui back to Singapore. Others might say 'You are just suay (unlucky) lah!'. I hope those who say so will have Karma bite on them on their next trip out. 

That morning, we were still having our breakfast happily at the hotel before heading to the airport. Everything was fine until moments before the boarding time. In the queue, announcement was made 'FLIGHT HAS BEEN DELAYED DUE TO TECHNICAL FAULT'. And those on Business class, families with infants or young children and elderly who has priority to board first returned to the boarding gate. I felt awkward. But never mind that. And I thought it will not be long before they get the aircraft repair and we can be on our way home. So we chilled at the other air-conditioned boarding gate with a ice cream. Very chill. 

As time flies, it was already 1pm. The airline then gave out packed lunch boxes and drinks to affected passengers. By right we should be having our on-board meals! I know maybe it might not be nicer than what I have here.

Just eat. What to do? The airport has nothing much to look at except for a small duty free shop. I got so restless because I keep hearing the announcement saying that the flight is delayed and will inform the passengers of the new boarding time (or departure time) soon. Piss off I must say. My phone battery was getting low from messaging my brother and best of all, our charger was in the luggage. I tried lying on the seats for a nap but it wasn't comfortable. So I keep my patience in control, reading Facebook articles, posting a complaint post on Silk Air's Facebook page and I'm not sorry about it, telling my BFF about the shit and repeat.

You know the kind of feeling when you see other airlines are flying their passengers back to SINGAPORE especially. Like why am I still at the airport when others are flying home? Do you see that agony within that hours in the airport and how many flights are out to Singapore? Arrghhh...

At about 3+pm, the airline made an announcement that 'FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED AND SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE'. WTF! I immediately stood up and shouted WTF and stormed off to the boarding gate to ask what they are going to do!

I saw many affected passengers hoarding the immigration counters and the boarding gate. I went and asked one of the airline staff what is next. She said that they will be arranging for hotel accommodation for all the affected passengers and it will take another ONE FREAKING HOUR! Then I walked back to tell my husband about it. Keep cool and still. Now I have to tell my colleague that I have to take one day leave because of this, to tell my brother about it and to convey a message to my parents and inform the cooking school that I can't attend the last lesson cum graduation because of THIS SHIT!

I thank God for my kiasu character. I bought travel insurance even for just a short 3 days trip. And now I can officially claim my insurance because is gonna be more than 6 hours of delay. Damn it!!! But first, let me deal with the airline!

We went and find out what is the arrangement after an hour. Spoke to one airline staff and she told my husband we have to wait for another hour or so and he replied 'You give me one hour. I give you all 6 hours already still have to wait?'. Don't know what commotion after that and she brought us to her colleagues at the boarding gate to get the Accommodation Slip that states our hotel for that 1 night stay.

And then they have to cancel off the departure stamp and also hold it at the immigration because by right, we should have left. FINE! So I asked for a copy of our passports photocopy for us. And everybody does that and hoard outside their small immigration office till the immigration officer inside the departure counter gets so annoyed that he has to shoo us all back behind the counter. Because you can't go out of the immigration.

So finally, a print copy of our passports on hand and they sent us off in the transport provided to the hotel that we are going to stay for a night. Gosh... Why am I in and out of the immigration twice in a day? Endure. Just endure. I shall show you the place we stay for the night to chill this post a little before I continue my BLASTING!

We are putting up for one night at Al Leamson and it seems to be located at very ulu place which is not near to anywhere. U can walk an upslope to the streets if u want. Quite a distance and I doubt u won't. Only a miserable convenience store that sells the basics like drinks, snacks, cup noodles and cigarettes. Oh I think beers too. Boring. Damn boring! No way we can make the most out of it for the night.

Seriously, it can be so deceiving based on the pic. Wow... living in a hut that is so spacious and all. Excuse me. Their drainage system got problem hor. That awful drainage smell coming out from the toilet is so unbearable. When you shower, you smell it. At night we just have to shut the toilet door. If not how to sleep? Never mind this yet. We checked in the hotel, put our bag and off for dinner at another hotel. Wah lau... then in the first place you should put us in that hotel instead of bringing us here and there when it is so tiring already. Some more, no wi-fi and reception of the tv is so bad. If we are going to put up for another night, I will protest. And I will demand to stay back at the hotel I booked for this trip and demand airline to pay! Yes I am DEMANDING AND UNREASONABLE! Though I should be grateful that airline has been responsible to put up passengers in hotel and provide meals but that is what they should do and if they don't, THEY AREN'T WORTH THE AWARDS GIVEN TO THEM. COMPLETELY BS! That is part of service recovery especially in service industry.

But I must admit this hotel has beautiful beaches and swimming pools with great views. Not their hotel rooms okay? Never.

After breakfast, we went back to our room and rest for awhile before heading to the lobby at 11.45am for a pickup to the airport. Everyone is so happy that we can finally go home. But that is not the case. We checked out and waited till 12+ the airline staff arrived at the hotel to explain to us. She is definitely the scapegoat cum target board of the airline and everyone gathered around her and argue, demand and everything. Seriously no joke with you peeps. She has been standing there for at least more than 30 minutes.

That poor target board from Silk Air (specky lady). I told her off in front of everyone that what can we do right now when we have already checked out from our room. She was surprised. What is there to surprise when this is a common sense thing when your airline says that pickup at 11.45am and it is natural for people to check out. Then the rest I let the others to blast at her.

I really cannot stand it. I thought of booking another flight back already. So lucky when I was turning on my mobile data, getting ready to call SIA, my mum called. Asking if I'm back. I say NO!!! N O !!! Then I proceed to tell her the whole story in a span of 2-3 mins. Expensive calls ya... not sure what is my bill like this month. Blame Silk Air. Ya I know they are also working for people but WE ARE ALSO WORKING FOR PEOPLE AND THE MONEY I SPENT ON MY HOLIDAY IS ALSO COMING FROM WORKING FOR PEOPLE. Get it?

I even wrote to our embassy in Thailand at that instant but by the time they replied, I'm back in Singapore. Such issue, embassy will not involve because is airline's problem. Ask me to enquire from airline. Unless is lost of lives! By reading their reply, that's how I interpret.

So this is the aircraft that almost ruined my vacation but given the weightage of happiness vs unhappiness, I shall let it go and settle this back in Singapore.

As we boarded the plane, the Captain apologized over the announcement system, which to me is no use because damage is done. And also informed us that there are no inflight meals because of the short of time. Well done Silk Air! Let me clap for you. Luckily still got drinks. Then the Captain even told us to see the sunset outside as we about to approach Singapore Changi Airport. Excuse me. No words to describe. Still got mood to see sunset. But nevertheless just see lor. And I take photos some more.

So the drama ends on 3 May 2016 with our flight taking off at 4+ in the afternoon, arriving at 7+ in the evening. As we came out of the plane, other airline staff are waiting outside as they have passengers on connecting flights to Australia and China especially. God bless these people.

Instead of complaining more, I call the insurance company whether this incident is claimable. Yes it is and was categorized as Flight Delay, with more than 6 hours. So was told how to do so and what documents are needed. Because I booked from Expedia, so I login to retrieve the itinerary, only to find out that the itinerary was modified to a single trip which is flying to Koh Samui. Excuse me. I see already not worry meh? I call up Expedia hotline with all my anger and that guy over the phone gets a big time from me. Fine... if you say so that this is the airline policy to remove the trip back to Singapore if we miss the flight. BUT EXCUSE ME I DID NOT MISS THE FLIGHT! I insisted that the original itinerary to be sent to my email. And then ding dong ding dong till finally, drama stop. I think the guy must be cursing and swearing. I don't care! GIVE ME MY ITINERARY AND I WANT IT NOW!

But in my mind, I was thinking that if only I didn't throw away my itinerary printed for the trip. My kiasu character prompts me to print too much, killing lots of trees literally. But I'm glad that I did because it saves us the trouble. So then all documents are in order, I email over to insurance company to process the claim. I thought problem solved after I received the cheque for my husband's claim but mine, yet to receive. So I called up to ask and they said just approved only. Okay fine. I let this go so long is approved. Strange right? I submit our claims together but get it separately.

Although everything is done, I still wrote to Silk Air because I still cannot swallow down the anger that time. That was 4 May 2016. You know what? They replied only on 21 May 2016. WTF! My husband told me to forget about their token to us because it seems so silly and make us look like we are cheapskate. Actually true lah. But I just have to say my piece to them because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EXPERIENCE IT! And if you peeps again think I'm too whiny, DON'T READ LOR WHO ASK YOU READ!

Then I was still thinking about the last culinary class that I missed because of this incident. I decided to call up the cooking school to find out if I can get the certificate. But they said I have to complete the last lesson and was put in a make-up class on 12 July 2016. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU! I CAN'T BE MORE THANKFUL!

Lesson Learnt:
  1. Always print lots and lots of your itinerary that consists of your flight details and accommodation;
  2. Keep your air ticket (To and Fro) till the end of the trip;
  3. Buy travel insurance whether it is a short 2 to 3 days trip and get a better coverage (pay more) because if you have the money to travel, you will have the money to buy a full coverage insurance;
  4. Register with MFA;
  5. Always have spare cash, credit card and clothes with you;
  6. If you don't want to stay another day, INSIST the airline to put you on another airline back to Singapore and you will pay for it later back in Singapore (if the airline is so shameless to get you pay when it is their fault)
  7. If you do not have any money left, ask the hotel to seek payment from airline for all the drinks expenses from room's bar list because is not your fault for not having any money;
  8. Eat as much as you can for the meals provided; 
Stay calm and get things right!