Effort in Writing

Not sure if my readers know that for about 5 weeks, I have been writing posts for Foodpanda Magazine and that explains why no updates on my own blog. If you haven't know, go on and read from the link below:

I realize the effort put on writing the above 5 is more than what I have given to my own blog posts here. That is very bad of me and I just realize it after writing the 5 posts. Probably, I just want to achieve some recognition for my writing and the posts here in this blog. Because I don't write every fine posts all along. I just write whatever is in my mind, be it in constructing the sentence and grammatical thingy. This is just me.

But for the 5 posts, I think, plan, write and rewrite many times so that the whole thing flows well. So for a week, my mind is preoccupied by every single post that I'm gonna submit every week. Like I'm so hardworking ya. Kind of exhausting, especially when you rewrite. Because everyday I have new ways or ideas to write the post. Sentence structuring and all. Every single day. Or when I stopped for awhile for shower, I come out of the bathroom with new things in mind and as quick as I can, I type it all out and rephrase or structure it in proper. And every single day, my brain juice is squeezed till dry. 

But at least it turns out well with some editing from them though. It doesn't really matter. What matters most is the effort I put in writing it out. Weeks of panicking over what to write, how to write, how to attract readership and all. Phew... it is really not that easy. No wonder some bloggers asked for higher amount of remuneration for every article they write. I think I should too after this experience. Because every post is painstakingly written no matter how. And to have fussy readers out there, it adds on the amount of pressure to every writer in order to suit everybody's reading pleasure. Wow...

Write wrongly, there comes all the keyboard warriors or justice warriors who will go all the way just to pick on you by throwing nasty comments and make you the most miserable person in the world. 

That is life. Everybody is the same. So am I. But I learnt from lessons to just 'watch how the show goes' without speaking out. Swallowing all the injustice and move on.

End of blabbering.