Food Review | Paris Baguette Cafe

What draws me in the first place was their pudding in the bottle. Well... that was long time ago when I first know of Paris Baguette. Curiosity brought me to the outlet at JEMS which is near my place back then. All I saw was confectionery items that drools me instantly. So pretty stuff for tea time especially. 

Tried few times with my friend and now decided to sit down and write something out of my experience. Touch and go. Because I know many of you have tried their food and everyone have different views. So my turn.


Not really takeaway section but if you choose to dine it with a box of salad, sandwiches or soups (bread bowls to be precise), you are welcome to do so, just like us. I have once takeaway a box of salad ($9.90) and it was good. Fresh veggie and even the prawns. I think they have different style of salads on display because the most recent one (few days back), I saw Thai style salad (pad thai) and the common ones like what I had here in this picture. Pasta salad too.

The very first time trying this sandwiches. Not bad. I feel kind of refreshing when it is not too meaty because there is veggies and all. I would pick that to share as I know I can't stuff myself all 4 minis on my own. Priced below $10. Quite affordable these days. Ya I know... Subway sandwiches are cheap too. It all depends on individuals. This is more for those on the go. Convenience yet healthy to me.

So here is their mushroom soup box or bread bowl like some will call it. My friend finds the bread a little stiff and hard to bite. It is okay for me, crunchy but a little too dry. As for the soup, it was good and creamy. A little way creamy for me but is alright. Priced below $10 too. But it is more for 1 pax serving. But we ladies just love to share the fats. Haha...


Priced at $12, it is way too pricey for me though comparing with Korean Bingsu, it is still affordable and cheaper than them. But definitely expensive than Taiwanese Shaved Ice Dessert. Come on, in Taiwan, I get a large bowl at less than SGD 10 and can be shared among more friends. 

Okay. My bad for comparing but good experience for me though I still think they should reduce the price since they brought in this idea to capture the local market, apart from their usual confectionery selling. One look at it, the ingredients used are quite common and easy to find. Unless you are talking about seasonal fruits like durian or mangoes and etc. And it is just ice. Shaved ice that melts after awhile. I do like it because it reminds me of sherbet. I started to dislike creamy ice cream and opt for sherbet type now. Make me feel less guilt when on diet.

Anyway, it is still an ideal place for tea time especially. Cheaper than hotels' hi-tea. And also for busy professionals who are always on the go. Don't starve yourself. Grab something to eat. They are at various locations so do check it out.

Paris Baguette Cafe
1 Raffles Place,
#B1-01 One Raffles Place, 
Singapore 048616

Nearest MRT: Raffles Place