Food Review | Beng Hiang Restaurant

Celebrating my bro's 30th birthday over a dinner with the family and his in-laws. So they chose Beng Hiang Restaurant at Jurong East, which is convenient for both families. They opened at 11.30am for lunch and 6pm for dinner and if you want to avoid disappointment, please remember to make a reservation because based on my experience, the crowd starts to flow in as soon as they are opened for dinner. Not sure about lunch time.

The previous owner of the 11,248 sq ft shop space is the popular Boon Lay Raja Restaurant that ceased operations end of March 2015 after being in the food scene for more than 3 decades. The location is definitely a good one even though is at Level 2 on the stretch of shophouses just beside J Cube. Jurong East MRT station and bus interchange are just opposite across the road. Shopping malls like J Cube, West Gate, JEMS and Big Box are just walking distance from the restaurant location. The shop space was bought at close to $15 million by Lian Beng Group for private investment. They eventually rent out to Beng Hiang, a restaurant that serves authentic Hokkien cuisine. 

We ordered from their ala carte menu, about 6 items including their famous Hokkien Mee (I guess). Quite impromptus visit to this restaurant.

Fish Maw Thick Soup with Crab Meat

Seems like I would prefer fish maw over sharkfins. Tasty and smooth. A big bowl just enough to feed 8 of us. But then again, if only I can have another serving. They still have sharkfins in their menu but if you wanna save more sharks, have fish maw instead. My opinion. Haha


Nothing much to say for this because vegetables are too common a dish on Chinese restaurant dining, even home dining. The only thing to comment will be whether it is overcooked because I hate that bitter taste though I know some do have due to its nature. But this one is good. Crunchy, which means fresh and well-cooked.

Cold Dish Combination

This is the most expensive of all our order. There are 6 items in there mainly jellyfish, century egg, fried omelette, cocktail prawns with mayo, ngoh hiang and prawn rolls. I love all of them, especially the Ngoh Hiang and Prawn Rolls. Generous fillings and crispy. The taste just purge out with every bite. Must try. Quite common on Chinese wedding banquets. A variety of combination. So do pick the right one for your taste bud.

Fried Oysters with Egg (Oyster Omelette)

Confession time. I will pick the oysters out and just have the omelette only. This one is crispy and oysters are quite fresh. My husband said still lose out to those in Taiwan. Concluded that this have to go with chilli because it enhances the taste further. 

Traditional Hokkien Noodles

This is their famous Hokkien Mee. My favourite type in thick tasty gravy. Almost like KL Hokkien Mee in dark colour. Must have! My personal favourite now. The down side is not to go on weekends because this noodles was served late and also the last to come. Think they can't cope with the many orders and probably miss ours. 

扣肉花包 (Kong Ba Bao)
Steamed Bread with Braised Brisket 

I don't fancy Kong Ba Bao because of the fatty meat. I resist having it till the end but because I wanna take a photo of it so may as well gobble it down after that. Yes indeed, fatty meat but I like the soft bun. Nice. There are instant pre-made ones can be found at supermarkets. But I will wanna try making it at home. The bun only. Shall search for recipes soon.

Green Bean Soup

I heard from my bro is complimentary from the restaurant. Well... better than nothing. Just eat. Dessert to end our Sunday dinner at Beng Hiang Restaurant. Wonderful!

Because my family seldom have meals in restaurants, unless for really special occasions. More often at coffeeshop for zichar. This restaurant seems to be yet another air-conditioned zichar place. Haha... According to my bro, cost around $200 for 8 persons for 6 dishes. Worth or not? Maybe. And I like to comment on the sequence of serving the dishes. Don't understand why the cold dish comes in after fish maw and spinach. Or maybe I'm too used to the sequence at wedding banquets. No choice.

Visit them now! And do remember to make a reservation.

Beng Hiang Restaurant
Block 135 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 600135
Nearest MRT: Jurong East