Travelogue | Explore Yilan 宜蘭, Taiwan

Sometimes you get a little bored going to one place for multiple times. Yes... I feel so too but luckily, we get a chance to get out of Taipei for one day to explore Yilan, which is about an hour plus drive from Taipei. Actually booked a driver guide for a day and he just brought us around Yilan, whichever place he thinks is worth a visit. Have not much of expectation over there because I came with no plannings. So let's see what is installed for us at Yilan.

So we arrived at Wushih Harbor Visitor Centre 烏石港遊客中心. At first, not sure why are we here so just walk around, hoping if there is some nice scenic views. 

So as you walk in, across the visitor centre stands Lanyang Museum 蘭陽博物館. Nice architectural design. But we are not heading there though. So everyone started taking photos from here. Oh the high speed train just passed by, like twice. 

Across the road from the visitor centre is the harbour where many yachts and some boats docked at. You can tell with that smell from the sea that lots of activities (fishing trip probably) are going on here but due to the weather, a halt to all for safety purposes.

Less than 5 mins drive from Wushih Harbor Visitor Centre 烏石港遊客中心 is Waiao Beach 外澳海滩. Took this view from another side of the beach on top the rocks. Almost like a bird eye view. The size of this beach is quite extensive. And many activities going on at this beach during summer time. Like a surfer paradise. As we stand on the rocks viewing this scene, gushes of wind keep blowing towards us. You can imagine the waves just hit hard onto the rocks. Wow... reminds me of Twelve Apostles in Melbourne with the same scenario. Shiok.

Next stop, National Center for Traditional Arts 國立傳統藝術中心.

The entrance fee is TWD 150 and I think is worthwhile because the moment I stepped in, it feels like you are back in the olden days of Taiwan. Love the old buildings' architectural designs (I love vintage/oldies stuff) and the whole stretch of the street is just so beautiful. Well... a mock-up of the past is better than being forgotten. I love it.

Saw a shop selling this charcoal money, 碳钱 which you translate to Hokkien will be 'Tan Looi'. Wah... touch more touch more. I want earn big bucks! So impressive that they can come out with such creation. There are many more handicrafts by local artists, showcase at each individual shop that you can find along the stretch of old buildings.

Saw this interesting snack (that's what I think it is) and decided to try. No harm. Wrapped with popiah skin (so I think it is), you can find traditional sweets, parsley,  and ice cream (I choose that with ice cream) at TWD 60. Not bad, so icy. My hub thinks otherwise. Bleh...

Spotted this cute 7-11 van. There is not just 7-11 but also Starbucks and some food outlets for you to rest your feet before continuing your exploration in this centre. There are also performances too so do check them out. I remember hearing the staff ushering visitors to watch 抓周 which babies will pick up certain things to somehow determine their future careers on their first birthday. Quite interesting but never have the time to watch. Too bad. And last of all, spotted the cute bottled drinks from the past. Oh... so nostalgia.

Next stop, for our lunch at 南方澳渔港 Nanfang Ao Fishing Port. Seafood and more fresh seafood.

This is one fishing port where I saw so many fishing boats docked here because of the big waves and winds. Not a good weather for fishing. That smell of a fishing port just makes this place even more warmth. I don't know why. Maybe I saw fishing men gathered at one side or another, smoking away while talking anything under the sun.

That's the view captured in my camera. So what do you think? Selling fresh seafood, dry produces and also seafood restaurants around.

Here is where we had our lunch, 海珍活海鮮 and they got a Facebook page so click on here. Time to show you peeps my lunch.

I'm a fried rice person and love different types of fried rice but I personally find that this one is very oily, although quite tasty.

This is the first time I had so many fishes at one go. Fresh fresh fresh... yes I know. But don't need to eat so many right? Mostly steamed. If only there is fried ones. Haiz... no choice. Got to follow suit because ordered by other friends.

This is the homemade dessert and somehow similar to that I have at National Center for Traditional Arts but minus the parsley and all. I love it. There is mango and yam ice cream flavours. And now I remember what they call the skin. 潤餅皮 which is really like our popiah skin but thinner. Or should I compare it with crepe? For you to find out.

Just down the street, there is this temple 南天宮. It has the gold and jade statues of 媽祖. That's a spectacular sight. Did not take any photos for due respect but drop money in the donation box.

So packed with fishing boats. I can imagine how big this port is to contain the different sizes of boats. Let me show you an overview of this port I took from the top floor of the temple.

I guess that is why the temple is facing the port to bless them throughout the year with abundance of catch, the port with lots of business and for the safety of all fishermen. We Chinese have such belief. 

Last stop of Yilan, Luodong Night Market 羅東夜市.

I seriously tell you that it is my first time visiting this night market and I'm overwhelmed by most of the stalls selling 三星葱油饼 and all. Anything to do with 三星葱. Wow... incredible. Seeing this, you just have to try right?

Bought one from this stall. I think they are popular for some Korean pancakes but instead I choose to have 三星葱油饼. However the taste was so-so. 

After a walk through the night market, I was lured by the smell of fried squid. I love grilled and fried squids. I was looking forward to satisfy this craving. I spotted this stall selling the big fried squid with a long queue before that. Without second thought, I went over when I saw no queue. Happy like a little girl.

Chew and chew. Yummy. Tasty and chewy. I have this penchant for fried food. Don't mind ya. That's is why I always feel heaty plus unhealthy. Hahaha...

So that is my one day trip to Yilan. It was early when we headed back to Taipei. Note that during winter period, their sun sets at about 5pm in the evening. So by 6pm, it looks as if 9pm. Anyway hope you enjoy this post. Like I say, I'm more of a explorer and foodie than shopper when I travel. That tells how much of shopping points I will have in my travelogue. Bye!